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Cloudy Glass @UnclearFuture

Hey everyone, wish you could get around paywalls? Tired of so many adverts being in or popping up when you just want to read an article, then I have a website for you! it takes any article from any website and removes all the ads, ignores the paywall and puts it in a nice easy to read format and font. Hope this helps :)

@UnclearFuture Firefox both Android (fennec) and Desktop has a mode that if an article has a certain formatting in html a page icon appears in the address bar when clicked the article is striped from the surounding website, and striped of some formating to give the use some control over accessibility (like text size, theme, ect) kind of like how epub works where it is simplified formating that can be used on ereaders, but in the browser.

@Codeawayhaley well it works in reader mode on Safari so I see no reason why it shouldn’t on Firefox. I will check if you like though.

@UnclearFuture holy carp thank you! there have been so many articles I've been linked to and wanted to read BUT PAYWALL or BUT TURN OFF YOUR AD BLOCKER or BUT LISTEN TO THIS AUTOPLAY VIDEO. I'm going to bookmark this link and keep it open in a special tab forever. XD

@troodon you’re welcome! I believe you can make it a bookmarklet but I may be wrong about that.