France achieved 100% clean energy by the way. Using nuclear power.

@Laurelai Haven't they started backing away from it in the wake of Fukushima? Or was that temporary?

@seanl If they back away from nuclear they are gonna have a hard time

@Laurelai Nuclear power isn't clean. Waste is hazardous and difficult to manage.

@milia Wrong. Its gen 4 fuel and its not difficult to manage at all. The only difficulty is political pressure preventing the solutions from being enacted

@milia 1. Deep storage sites (which keeps being NIMBY'ed out of existence) 2. Use it as gen 4 reactor fuel (which anti nuclear greens keeps pushing to not be built)

@Laurelai @milia Also, governments should throw some more darn money into designing better reactors. Nuclear research is one of those things we should be absolutely pushing to maximise funding for.

I do not use the terminology 'clean energy'.
What do you mean by that?

@Laurelai Nuclear energy produces non-recyclable and radioactive waste...

@pulsar Wrong. Thats gen 4 fuel that can be burned down to short lived isotopes

@Laurelai If you think to the RNR, there is not yet in France. ASTRID is announced for 2020. Anyway, whatever the fuel, it must be extracted and transported. It remains very sweaty.

@Laurelai Only when the RNR are well established and there is nothing more stored in deep. Our governments are making efforts, but it is not enough. For exemple, they could ban truck crossing a country/state by forcing the use of train. Another example, focus on local products rather than export expensive and import cheaper. A lot of simply thing can be realized. There are things that are simpler and do not cost anything.

@Laurelai Electricity, not energy. Electricity is typically only about 1/6th of a country's energy use. Maybe a bit more in France, I'm not sure, but still a relatively small proportion. / @boneidol

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