You know i grew up in the south right? Well if not now you know. I bring this up because i grew up around a lot of very right wing people and i think a lot of people dont quite understand what were dealing with.

I see a lot of folks make the mistake of calling right wingers stupid. They arent. They know that a lot of the things they say have no basis in reality. They dont say it because they believe it they say it to signal themselves as part of a certain group mentality.

To them they arent stating facts they are communicating membership in an ideological system. If you arent willing to say the obviously untrue thing you arent a member of the group because you dont get the inside reference.

So when you dismiss them as stupid you are underestimating your opponents. When they say some obviously untrue shit thats easily disproved and you try to argue with the statement using reason you have missed the point.

All you are doing is wasting your time. They know they are full of shit, they dont care. Thats not the point. The point is to see who is part of the in group and who is not. Thats something thats important for them to know. Find out why.

Ive cornered some of these people alone and got them to talk about why they do this. They seemed very bothered that i didnt get that it was signaling. Without fail they all told me in private they said those things because it was expected, not because they thought it was true.

And when i told them everyone else in their group felt the same so why bother doing it they would inevitably reply with "how else are we going to know us from them?". They are looking for people who are willing to say what the group wants them to say.

And its true that not everyone will think this way, some people will genuinely believe the signal statements to be true. Those are known as suckers and everyone knows to try exploit them.

Its very cult like in its approach to social cohesion. So when you look at modern ultra right wing and fascists in america today spouting absurd shit realize they know what they are saying is false. They are just looking for group members.

Well, group members and suckers too. They exploit them but they also need them. They also need liberals to miss the point and try to debate with them. about things they dont actually care about.

And the reason they hate the left is because they believe the left does this too, but their signals are a lot more subtle so they feel the left is just looking for more suckers, in their minds at least their bullshit is in plain sight.

And most of them will agree with you if you say to them that all politicians are corrupt liars. But they vote for the right wing liars because they feel they are more obvious what what they lie about and thus more predictable.

They hate democrats because they feel like the things they offer are just more subtle and less obvious lies. That they are pretending to not want to screw you while they want to screw you even harder. Its a devil you know vs a devil you dont situation.

And they arent entirely wrong about this. The democrats do lie more subtly. They do often pretend to want to help people only to screw them later. Democrats just call it compromise. lol. By even being willing to do that you have told them your values are weak and false.

They feel like if you really wanted all those good things for people you wouldnt budge an inch until you got them. They think that if you arent willing to put in the effort they put into what they want, you must not really want it.

This is why the average right wing voter will never vote democrat even if the republican candidate is a clear and obvious shithead with an evil agenda. Because to them they at least know what they are getting. They feel you vote for frightening lying mystery boxes

And the amount of effort you all put into not looking like the bad guys makes you even worse. Lets take Doug Jones for example. Sure theres no proof of him doing anything odious. Thats what scares them. Hes that good at hiding it to them.

And they would rather have someone visibly odious in office because to them, at least they can see where his vices are. At least they know to keep their daughters away from Roy Moore. They have no idea what skeletons are in Jones closet.


So if you ever wonder why they accuse you of virtue signaling this is why, this is the mentality that brings that statement.

@Laurelai I have... so many questions I'd like to ask people of that mentality.

The prognosis seems head-on, though, from my own observations.

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