If “cancel culture” and “consequences” are the same thing... five year olds everywhere would be denied dessert forever after for refusing to eat their broccoli once... and scolded again at every meal whether they ate their broccoli or not. Also someone would take screenshots and somehow it would wind up in the Kindergarten yearbook.

Y’all are freakin’ ridiculous.

Hey friendly reminder for everyone now spreading the narrative that nobody seriously wanted Contrapoints “cancelled”...

CW Rape / Contrapoints 

In the past month I’ve reread the entire Dark Tower series, The Stand and Ive started on The Eyes of the Dragon. The “Flagg Books”. I’d forgotten what a treat “Eyes” is. I adore the reader in the audio version. ❤️❤️❤️ They do the voice of Flagg sooo good.

Meanwhile the actual oppressors in this world are shitting themselves laughing...

The right convinces it’s middle class that they have to be afraid of the “poor” and the “lazy” stealing all their cookies. And the left chews up anyone who manages to do marginally better than them (and with her own labor).

The content doesn’t create itself. There are business expenses. She puts out a polished product and that costs $$$

Being very, very generous for the “Contra is the oppressor” crowd... she might bring in $100k a year net.

Okay I am not done yelling. I have seen a lot of people saying Contra is “the oppressor” because she makes soooo much money from her Patreon. Lemme break this down for you.

Yes. She has a lot of patrons and her gross income is not bad. But from that... she has to pay taxes just like everyone else and fully fund her own healthcare. Mind you, these expenses are probably more than you’d expect (if you’ve never been self employed), because there is no employer contribution. And of course...

Contra / Enby YT Discourse 

Contra / Enby YT Discourse 

Hey for the folks buying into the idea that Contra quit Twitter ”on her own” and that bullying her off wasn’t intentional... i present to you a story in two tweets.

CW: Death Threats, Encouraging Self Harm, Contra 

Gutian: Contrapoints and Why Criticism on Twitter Doesn’t Work - youtu.be/Z-CtiKqZPxk

This is abuse. It doesn’t matter if you agree with what the person in question said or did. You can hold your own points of view on that. But joining in with the mob makes you culpable in abuse.

There are no acceptable targets for “the mob”. If you are participating in mobbing people, either by doing so directly or by boosting shit that is, you are no friend of mine. By doing so, you only show me that you believe there are acceptable targets within our community... and that makes you dangerous.

So I see the torches and pitchforks brigade is after Contra again... 🙄 I just don’t have the words to adequately express my annoyance w these people. On the one hand... “we do this thing to make everyone comfortable”, but a trans woman expressing discomfort over the thing (and I understand why) is apparently enough to start people screaming that she hates enbies.

Gosh it’s almost like the left has a thing for disposing of trans women...

It’s really annoying how often I see usability issues in social media (especially when it comes to privacy features) being foisted back onto the user.

“Well the features are there people just aren’t using them / using them properly and thats not our fault.” 🙄

I don’t have a cat. I have a tiny fluffy cow that mews (as opposed to moos).

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