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Anyway tho, surprise! Happy Valentine's ♥ ReKall, my first album of 2019 is fully released n o w 😎🧛‍♀️🎉

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For my side project, P I X I B Y T E, I’ve uploaded a free tiny little EP of tracks originally done for my brother’s first game “Don’t Die Green Shirt Guy”, extended and recut for release

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Free ES2600FM album, 'Absolution', direct d/l for Mastodon users

😎 Enjoy! 💓

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ReKall about to overtake TERF Destroyer 9000 as my best album

contrapoints, back at it again with *checks notes* oh it's racism this time

I think if BioWare wants a real success on their hands, they need to pick up Mass Effect 3 and the only ending where Shepard survives and _continue_

BioWare releasing DestinyFrame soon and I can almost guarantee it's not gonna be a huge success

ReKall is on-track to also be my most popular album, especially considering it's emerging on torrent networks, being listened to by reddit and being reviewed by people in Hong Kong

For Patreon I will continue to do exclusive content and the listed tier benefits, but I feel like having my music on Bandcamp be 'name your price' ultimately makes it more accessible because like

I know what it's like to be broke, I _am_ broke lol and I'd rather people be able to listen to my music than have to wait however long

After much thinking and consideration, and also being slightly scared of doing it, I've decided that all music on Bandcamp that I release will be 'name your price'. I've noticed this doesn't really affect sales negatively & it makes my stuff more accessible to everyone ♥

So there is no longer a need for special codes, anyone and everyone can grab ReKall

yall they're listening to my whole entire album in the /r/outrun discord server and i'm having a heart attack

Me: I’m gonna take a week break from making music

My brain: The next album is gonna be called Rewind

Me: stop.

My brain: The cover is gonna look like a VHS tape

Me: sTOP!

steam is such an unstable piece of crap lol someone messages me, i go to respond and then it's just like

d i s c o n n e c t e d

may as well put my work into my second life store cause it's not like i've had any energy to put any products in there lol

I forgot to mention here last night that along with ReKall making impressions apparently on the otherside of the planet, it's also showing up on torrent/pirate networks

I know I'm doing something right if all of these things are happening barely 3 days post-release and it isn't even in online stores yet

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mass effect 3 really was the pinnacle of the franchise tho

i'm just mad i never got to go to omega one more time, or have the crew party lol

i'm legit mad that there's /no way/ to obtain the mass effect 3 dlc that isn't frikken bioware points on origin like

i was ranting about this last night too, but ME3 is not a new game anymore, it was replaced with another game

do you know how much citadel and omega are if you buy them together right now

exactly the same amount it was when it was fresh out of their hands

30 dollars

maxis over here doing way too much dlc but at least they discount their stuff, h*ck

i wnated to play farcry 5 cause it looks really cool but i was bummed over not having the money for it

and then i remembered pirating was a thing

I've always wondered why the 'noble vamps' Maxis have on pictures in the vampire pack aren't actually in the game, and then I decided to peruse the sims they've created on their official account