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Free ES2600FM album, 'Absolution', direct d/l for Mastodon users

😎 Enjoy! 💓

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But, _because_ we live in the mirror universe, that means in the _good_ universe I'm probably a

Oh geez

We're living in the mirror universe

If you don't have Bayonetta as your wallpaper can you really say you're gay

Here's my toothpaste CPU core temp reading

Alright, toothpaste (LOL) is applied to my CPU and my max temp right now with my computer under load is 58 celsius, stable idle at around 45 celsius

holy shit

I really hate computers sometimes, but had I never taken computer science classes I'd be extremely screwed right now

Might fuck around and put toothpaste on my CPU cause apparently that's an acceptable temporary substitute for thermal paste lol

now my computer is overheating lol like seriously are you for real

"what star trek species would throw the best party?"

oh definitely the borg

This remains one of the only photos of myself I can actually stand to look at lol

Also, while looking through videocards I find I have to sift through all the "I bought 10 of these to mine bitcoin" reviews

Someone's telling me that you usually end up paying more of obsolete computer hardware and that makes even less sense

What is wrong with the PC world right now haha

I want someone do to vocals on a track sometime

I've never worked with actual vocals, and I don't know how it'd go, but that'd be sweet

Maybe that'll be a 2019 goal

Anyway, here's some music for you today, one of my personal playlists

2600 Mixtape #4 - CyberSyndrome Neon Lights For Your Earhole

Like it's also confusing, cause I'm looking at videocards I could potentially use to replace the one I got that's dying and somehow a card with more memory on it is less expensive than the card I have, even tho the card I have is older than the one I found

Isn't that the most confusing bulldoo lol

I really wish computer maintenance and upgrading wasn't a really expensive thing but holy damn it is