All these paranormal shows with people that have these houses and it's like "Yeah we are turning this into a bed and breakfast" like.. fuck you for having extra houses that you then are using to cater to rich people. People are homeless.

first person to make a mastodon client for 3DS wins +1000 vantapoints (they're meaningless)

Shout out to everyone who has spread/continues to spread COVID.

I can't get my preventative or relieving asthma inhalers anywhere and no one knows when I'll be able to because COVID has caused a global shortage of them.

I need this shit to BREATHE.

More serotonin research going round - this time with a bit more credibility - so here’s a quick reminder that it doesn’t say depression is purely environmental or that antidepressants don’t work:

#Gitlab will delete repositories on free accounts that haven't recorded any activities for a year.

I still sporadically receive emails and support requests for SnortAI_Preproc, a machine learning pre-processor for Snort that I built more than 12 years ago for my M.Sc thesis. Even though the repo itself hasn't seen any activities for >10 years, it keeps getting stars and followers. Under Gitlab's new policy, I would have had to push a stupid commit every year for the past 10 years just to keep it alive.

And my project isn't even an outlier. These patterns are especially common in academic software, where a researcher or a graduate student may bump into your projects months or years after its latest commit.

And this is not to mention preservation: some software may have been actively developed and used in the past, lost momentum at some point for any variety of reasons, and deleting would prevent any later developer from resurrecting it, or from preserving it for historical purposes.

Being a large host of open-source software and planning to delete software that hasn't been updated in a while is like being in charge of a museum and destroying the items that visitors haven't shown interest in the past few months.

If Gitlab has decided to prioritize profit margins over their responsibility to reliably host our free contributions to the world, then they no longer deserve to host anything.

I'm very happy I successfully completed my migration to a self-hosted #Gitea instance just a few weeks ago, and I don't have to cope anymore with shitty companies that still think that other people's open-source software must be something to exploit for their own profit.

@hache Windows: "I TRIED to save you from pain and anguish and possible broken upgrades! I tried *sobs quietly*"

Meanwhile: We all know it was saving all those updates when you had gotten into something you couldn't save/quit to restart.

"Be Gay, Do Crime" is going out of date as my existence as a trans person is fast becoming a crime itself.

"Be Trans, Be Crime" is more like it.

is there a FOSS equivalent of microsoft teams? i don't need one, just curious cause i'm using teams for the first time at my new job

Everything women worked hard to get, men have taken away at the drop of a hat.

Any ideas on how to add on linux a system wide keyboard shortcut that would work both on tty and desktop to execute a special command ?

Please boost !!

@nashhigh Cuz kitty is over there looking at you like it's not it's problem. It knows very much you want help and being cat, is not going to give it.

every day programmers will dump three kilotons of sexism on you and finish with 'i am oppressed becuse its really hard to get laid in this office :/'

@linear Ugh, I hate scalpers. I didn't know exactly what I was looking for T_ T sorry.

Sure let's just turn down the sun, I'm sure the plants wouldn't mind. I mean we COULD try to stop corporations from continuing to contribute to global warming BUT ya know.. Let's just let the world die instead

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