Why are you charging $100 for a character in the FIRST PLACE YOU FUCKING PARASITES!!!

My fancy anime Tarot cards came. Large ones are holo and the small ones aren't. I got this one because all the "manga" decks in the US aren't drawn by people from Japan, one is not even from Asia. Also these were holo and shiny and super detailed. Most of the cards are girls though :| The men look good however and I don't think any are old bearded dudes like the "Traditional Manga Tarot" is riddled with.
I really wish St. Griffin's Press would reprint the Selena Lin deck. Maybe with higher quality scans.
(Cards are made by YOKAGAMES and seem to only be found on Taobao for now. Not even on Aliexpress.)

1800s pug back when they had a muzzle and could breath and look like a dog, now abominaltion.
1980s anime girl back when they didn't look like 8 year olds and looked like the adults they are. 2020s anime girl. drawn for pedophiles, probably 20 but looks like she's 5

Am I going further nuts or is it not winter of 2021 yet? This was made in Sept. 10 2021.

THere's got to be more to this right and it's mot just a bunch of people's sexual fetish

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