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Watching people play that Needy Streamer Overdose game and the amount of hate for mentally ill people spilling out of their mouths. Such things as "damaged". "unloveable", etc. It's pretty gross.

Safari and iOS users: Your browsing activity is being leaked in real time

Unfixed bug violating the Internet's most foundational rules is easy to exploit. #Safari #iOS

Wordle 214 3/6



Men say "Chicks are crazy" but I don't see them out murdering everyone all over the place. Sure there are a handful here and there that are serial killers, but 99% are dudes.

Ah, that's the cut-down web version. Here's the link for the whole thing:

Chock full of live data from space, wow.

Waifu people need to just die. Go report or whatever, but they don't want women to have any sexual freedom. They want them to be tied down to be "married" to them so they can't 'cheat'. They can't be free to choose for themselves. It's not 'cute uwu'. It's fucking gross and misogynistic. I don't care if it's "only animated characters jesus christ" because it's not.

Why do we call it sexual harassment and not sexual terrorism.

Regarding the metaverse, i suggest we all begin acting like boomers and simply refusing to learn how to use technology so even if work gives you a VR headset you fumble with it and log into the wrong servers and show up as a cucumber and never have your audio working.

Twitter charging for the redraft or "check before you hit the button" is peak capitalism

On page 188 of 500 of Anne of Green Gables, by L.M. Montgomery: So Anne is calling out a...

Yeah don't get your game keys from Humble Bundle, it looks like they are selling games they can't even provide keys for.

"How Amateur Sleuths are Solving America's Coldest Cases" because the cops can't.

The idea that women are animals and want to date animals: "Beauty and the Beast", "Jurassic Heart", "Ancient Magus' Bride", "Eros and Psyche" (She's not supposed to see him), Pretty much all male robots
The idea that men are human and this want to fuck humans: "My Girlfriend's is a T-Rex", "Monster Musume", Every fucking female alien, all the fucking gyinoids.

Everytime, women are expected to like things that are not human looking VS men where all the female things have breasts and human faces.

So it seems that (from what I'm seeing) light novels by with with long titles have the title truncated for the official US title where as titles by men usually are the abbreviation with the long ass title as a subtitle at at least mentioned. UNLESS it's the full title.
A Lily Blooms In Another World was originally: "Blooming in a different world is a lily flower-Because the engagement was abandoned, I will live happily with my favorite villain daughter and a woman! ~"
Which is never mentioned.

Just me observing stuff again. Men seem to get the decency of having the full title somewhere, where it looks like women get the short version.
Then again I don't have a lot of samples because there ISN'T a lot of light novels written by women (especially aimed at women) because misogynists run the anime/manga/LN industry now.

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