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Porting a BASIC text adventure to C - How to Create Adventure Games 1986 (#1: The Map)

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Also, you are expected to cover for him and be a "bro" as that's what men do. No wonder society is so fucked up.

My brother says thank you and that he really appreciates the donations that have dropped in

And of course, thank you from me, I don't wanna see them lose their place ♥

Even in a game like SMT: Strange Journey ATLUS rears it shitty writing. It has you feeling sorry for a pedophile incel and you can't really say anything to him that has any impact.

The ultimate horror movie, spiders... that make phonecalls... TO YOU!

Ordered T Rex stamps and a cute toy delivery truck and mailbox from the USPS store lol.

You can get one too!

Alright so, I've been deliberating doing this because I too am pretty strapped for cash but

My brother and his wife aren't going to be able to make rent this month and with the 2nd stimulus still being talked about rather than being sent, help isn't coming from the gov't as of right now.

I didn't tell them I was doing this, so if anyone feels like dropping them a little surprise so they can make rent I'm sure they'd probably crap themselves (their rent is like 1000 and I think they're a few hundred short)

quick #pi4 question: anyone gotten a 2560x1600 landscape display to work over HDMI, and if so, what hdmi timings/config.txt modifications did you end up using?

Emojis are so useless for facial expressions.
You pick the expression you want to convey from what your software lists, but most recipients will see different expressions because the makers of their software interpreted the Unicode description differently.

Depending on context, OTP can mean One-Time Password or One True Pairing.

What about One True Passwords or One-Time Pairings? 😔💭

Oh.. oh no..
The remake of Harvest Moon: Mineral Town for Switch, PC, Etc. includes (finally) same gender marriage......
That means I might end of with a girl because I always end up with the girl when there's the option X3
(Note: you have to give the person a blue feather to have them marry you so it's obviously a joke)

M dream address is: 7262-0600-8420 for those that have the crossing of animals

Someone going "queer is reclaimed now" and I am just staring at the tab on top of the can of worms.
It's only reclaimed when nobody uses it as a slur anymore. It's maybe in the PROCESS of being reclaimed.

Let's face it. Anime of today is a lot shittier that it was back then. Yes women back then were sexualized, but one could say it was "classier?" It was still eye rolling and "Oh gods why can't women get a decent pair of pants. BUt now it's "We'll just take this woman in decentish clothing and make her a pair of walking boobs"

Here's an example of when they took an unsexualized character that looks 30ish and sexualized her and made her look MUCH younger:
In the mobile art they just made her a pair of boobs.

Here's a good/bad example of how sexualization has changed since hte 90s:

Her modern are is just basically a pair of chesticles with a vague human/elf shape attached.
The classic design gives her better proportioned and more anatomically correct breasts even with the egregious crappy sock outfit. She's sexualized but like... the proportions are more in line with the real world.
Modern times have just ran away with making girls just a pair of boobs. At least the shitty 90s sexualization went to other bits of the anatomy as well to where we might have a human.
Also she looks 12 in the modern version where the classic version she looks even just slightly older. Where she might actually be 18~20ish

Either way shitty designed character is shitty, but like.. there IS a difference from then to here.
(also she has more armor in the 90s version, like those ridiculous pauldrons can HURT!)

Thinking about the method of animation that is: turn on a screen recorder and manipulate images in your photo editor.

These editors should have a plug-in that lets users record the video internally, removing the border overlays when doing the changes.

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