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Whelp I some how murdered my LXDE menu and can't get it back. T__ T Just like.. give me the default menu I'll recustomize it!

Sepikmon: seems racist to me, but as far as I know was never cut out of digimon. Has the body of a monkey and a "tribal" mask with a boomerang.

Nothing like seeing dislikes on a video and seeing that it got 0 views and 0 timed viewed. Lest to say people have dislike bots rampant on YT.

anyone know any good phones you can draw on (with stylus) that aren't eleventy billion dollars in price? My phone is dying and I need a new one. (Fuck programmed obsolesce)

I find it interesting that they didn't "translate" the Digimon font. Here it says Kiraboshi Jima, Sparkling Star Island.
They also left the "Japanese" Digi-speak in too. It's odd since it's a 1 for 1 cypher and the Latin letters DO exist in the font.

@maverynthia We should speak more about women if anything.

Sees a post that is literally "let's stop talking about women and focus on men." Fuck you. No. Let's not. Dudes have had their time already.

Fuck that guy. I'm even LESS inclined to switch email when the attitude is "Use this program or I'll ignore/block you."

Like simple HTML pages? Javascript is a virus of biblical proportions? Want to remember browsing on the early web?

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@maverynthia That's what we call a dimunitive. Every noun for a person has been -ess and -ette and -iene to highlight the femaleness of a woman doing thing and how quaint it is

So in Digimon Cyber Sleuth they translated one response message for EVERYONE and used gender when none was present. What happens? Everyone is now female. >:3 This is what happens when you gender shit. You fuck up translations.

"Authoress" Can we not gender things that aren't gendered.

Anyone know of a replacement for RetroPie that DOES NOT use RetroArch.

Men made a 'shoujo' TTRPG game and this is it's contents. It's telling what's up with these men.
@maverynthia @CSlavova Oh god.

Anthro wolf in swimwear.
Smile PreCure! ep.29 @Ā 14:23.55
"Surely you don't think you can beat me?"

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