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Was looking up Bananya gifs and there's a gif of an anime little girl sexually licking a banana because of course there is. And anime fans want to say they aren't pedophiles, yet they'll defend that shit.

Of course the reason men keep putting out all these shitty brotagonist retro games is because people keep buying them without being critical at all of everything.

Again men of today creating the sexist male characters only of the yesteryear that should have stayed in the yesteryear. Trying to keep video games "for boys only". Even at that, yet another fucking ninja game.

oh look another retro style brotagonist ninja game put out by the people that gave us Shovel Knight... also a brotagonist game until you unlock the women.. if there even IS any in there.

And in the ending. A terrible misogynist of a man gets to have the final word of course is a very *sob sob* "feel sorry for me" way.

Also the other guy that harasses and stalks Tiff gets to live as well.

They also made the fake 90s internet male centric with all the bands being male and the main actors being male. It's not the 90s I remember. I remember MLP pages, Sailor Moon and all that.
Would no be surprised it was made by only men with women being in the art or music if that.

It's a choice that the devs of Hypnospace Outlaw made where you can save the dude that harasses Tiff, but you can't save Tiff the one that was harassed.

video games, misogyny, abuse, harrassment 

I think on this tax return I'll take all this delivery food as a medical expense

The RE8 "Vampire Lady" proves that a woman cannot exist without being sexualized. "But she's tall!" yeah and she's fetishized for it. I don't see Tyrant/Mr. X get the same treatment.
I'm betting she's also going to die in the most humiliating sexualized way too.

Going through Steam is like: "Look at all these porn games. LOL women are just sex slave pets amirite!"

Like shit... I already know the world hates women.

Looks like all of Yogcast's emotes on Twitch are the nazi frog. :|

I don't know how many of you are familiar with the board game Talisman, but my Warrior just got turned into a frog, hopped to the tavern, got DRUNK, picked a fight with a farmer, and WON.

Avatar (the cartoon, not the 3D Movie tech demo) and real world politics, minor spoilers for legend of korra 

30% done with Sexiled, by Ameko Kaeruda: We cover the topics of drugging women, 40yo ped...

"I finally have a fever!"
*Human sticks thermometer on sprout*
"It's 98.0 degrees. You don't have a fever."
"Dammit, that's .5 higher than normal!!"
*Human gives sprout a cookie and pats xor on the head*
*Hisses in sprout and noms cookie*

Whelp it seems I am down with a sickness. Dunno what it is but it's wrecking my nose.

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