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Game: *Says name of thing multiple times*
UK gamer: "I can't pronounce this!"
(It always seems to be people in the UK that refuse to try to even pronounce stuff.)

Not going to have my computer for "several weeks" even though it's been "several weeks" and it's going on "several months".
I can't live like this.. my whole life gone. Can't do shit about it.

"But free services still have costs they need to pay for."
It's not the user's problem they stole our data instead of using a legitimate payment method that doesn't compromise their users.

There's a reason adblockers and script blockers are so prevalent and the people defending this thievery is why.


Conservatives love Disney. Why?

Because Disney teaches the values that they preach: family is important, perhaps above all, strong emphasis on traditional marriage (esp. between Very Young people), and fear of the "other".

It's not subtle, either. Classic Disney -- hell, even a lot of shit from the so-called Disney Renaissance -- strongly reinforces the fear and hatred of anything coded as "other" -- queer, nonwhite, etc.

are you a "hype for nonbinary gender markers since they normalize gender-nonconformity" trans or a "incredibly wary of the government having a list of nonbinary people" trans

i like the dad joke are ya winnin son, but it's too gendered

Gonna mute 'pokemon'. $60 for half the content. I just don't want to hear about the game.

eugenics mention, us politics, autism 

Also you ARE entitled to having your streaming service work forst day. You are a paying customer to a multibillion dollar company. It's what you paid for. You are not "A whiny entitled baby". You paid for that shit!

Dream things:
Women are not "Object d' Art" they are human. If men can't be "Object d' Art" then women can't. YOu know those old statues aren't because -people- men today argue that "Women are just so curvy and 'easy on the eye'"

Death by cheese Day 1:
My stomach didn't even do anything though I felt really sleepy afterwards. Prolly because I stayed up late. Time for day 2.

Paid an Uber/Lyft driver I connected with previously off the app this morning. I saved money and their pay doubled. The driver told me they get less than half after Uber/Lyft takes their fees and tax. It's a win-win to network with drivers for cost savings and giving people a fair wage. Unless you pay with a credit card (not a debit card) Venmo is fee-free. Capitalism is stealing people's wages, you should fight back when possible!

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