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remember when people were vehemently denying any possibility of the chernobyl series being anticommunist propaganda?

the producers are making a new series about people using tunnels to escape le evil communist regimes

Does anyone want a game that you can install on your work computer and basically play while doing your work, you don't even have to look at the game to play it, just typing shit on your keyboard fills meters.

It's like a shitty F2P game except you're making money while you play.

There's no pre-ordering for Lenxion because it is open source and you could literally download the code and compile it and play whatever shit there already is at any time you wish.

instance block recommendation, lolicon 

Veiled misogyny in speedrunning 

trans creator scammed out of $5k, gofundme link 

I do love the female main characters "fuck off" look in this. She's not 'moeified' or 'cutified' like other female characters in jrpgs.

Have I ever told you about the time all the children in my family turned on my dad over billionnaires?

Thread. The rest will be unlisted.


Angry vent 

One thing I have learned in the past couple years is that people accustomed to privilege view any kind of boundary maintenance for yourself as harm against them.

The other big thing I have learned is that if you ever try to point out that someone with power hurt you or has a history of hurting a lot of people, they will do everything in their power to harm you as much as they can get away with.

You can tell a man wrote this game because it's Ayana that has to change and everyone is "Not all men"ing her when her life has been irrevocably affected by their bullshit and it's only the girls that have been majorly calling out all the boy's BS in this game.

Dear men. Never have a story arc where you have to cure women of their "man hating", especially if the male characters are misogynists. Of course if you write that kind of scenario you probably have no idea what "misogyny" is or means.
WOmen have a right to hate men. Men have no right to hate women. After all you set up the scenario they have to live in.

fundraising, hoo buoy it just keeps comin huh 

Outrun the Night, over on my peertube channel ^^

(video is in the process of being transcoded but it appears to sorta work atm lol)

How's this for a first pass at a title screen mockup? xP
I want to put the main character on the screen, but uhhh.

This definitely needs some tweaking.

Japan doesn't impose Japanese order on Western names, but we impose Western order on Japanese names.
This is another thing that matters in translation, with some characters using western order for character reasons. (They're famous, they have a western parent, they just like it that way)

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