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@maverynthia hey it's not like any of the computer geeks that talk so glibly about this shit are pitching their calls to anyone other than other computer geeks

So we’re having some bonkers wind n weather over here n the powers out. If this is the apocalypse I wanted to get a few things off my chest.

-Ppl who got money are never to be trusted. Nope, none, and yes even you Kevin.
-The Beatles are heartbreakingly mediocre.
-Bladerunner is 2 hrs of NOTHING.
-Bras are too damn expensive.
-Ur fave white celebs are mega racist.
-Star Citizen is a literal scam quit giving them money.
-What’re those little pockets in the front panties for🤔?

Peace ✌️

RSS/ATOM is good.

And the argument that they don't allow tracking and advertising is bullshit because tracking and putting ads in RSS was and is basically still a thing and its fairly easy to track.

RSS/Atom is a pretty nice way to respect users wants to keep track of content [blogs, podcasts, etc] without forcing them to keep your site open at all times. This doesn't mean you can't advertise to them, this doesn't mean you can't track that stuff...


@maverynthia "Make your own web server, but also here are no tools to help someone make that leap"

I'm seeing all this stuff about "Have your own web space/server" and I'm not seeing much on nameserver, domains, static IPs or even how to make that all work. Just this idea that "Make your own web server"

remember that time when rich people realized climate change is a real issue and made apocalypse themed movies instead of, you know, use that money to do something against it

When your friend calls you because his computer makes weird noises... 😂


I'm glad Misha lives in Gary where there is nothing and nothing happens. They can just chill being a vampire and nobody really cares. Meanwhile in Chicago! APOCALYPSE RAIN!!

I hate this idea of not having super stong women that beat the shit out of men because that's a maaaale thing. Let me have my invincible woman that can't be beaten and doesn't need saving.

I wish there was a fully open source, non-advertisment supported alternative to Spotify.

Eventually Pepe will be free from fascists but until then I don't trust any use of Pepe.

If you are turned away at the polls because your name is not on the register, don’t walk away. Say this: I REQUEST A PROVISIONAL BALLOT AS REQUIRED BY LAW.

Don’t let them steal your vote.

I'm tired of seeing "age isn't a reason not to vote for someone" because it is.

Older people are more emotionally calcified and intellectually calcified. They're less likely to consider *any* new ideas. We need younger people leading in a time of rapid change.

Argh. A thing I hate about rich text editors is when you apply markup to a region, and you then want to insert a character right after the marked-up region (like a comma after a link) but it decides it decides to attach the markup to that too and you're stuck trying to kind of shake it off like mud from your boots.

need to find income so I can get out of here but I'm not even sure where to start

Anyone else just stay in bed for around 12 hours because you can't think of a good reason to get out of bed? I think I'm becoming addicted to dreaming. It offers such a pleasant alternative to this hellscape reality.

Any other country have ads for "Identity Protection" and stuff for when someone "steals your identity" you pay this company to keep a watch on it for you. I kinda feel it's a US thing and letting vultures pick at the bodies of victims.