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Me: "What's with all these vtubers sounding like little girls..."
Me: *thinking*
Me: "OH!! Oh... D:!!!"
Some of them are probably adults, but i get a feeling that a lot of them are not. The fact they are playing with a bunch of dudes that sound very much adult is worrying. Especially since their avatar is that of a child.

Oh Naraka, of course the woman has to be sexy and waifish AND have her eyes covered because women aren't allowed to have eyes now thanks to NIER or something...

Or perhaps a notebook with a drawing of a cat cursing. I don't know. Who knows.

Wow, Walmart said I didn't pickup my order and gave me a complete refund... I guess that's OK. I mean I picked up PART of it. Maybe this is payment for all the time I wasted trying to just get some cookies and soda.

Gonna side-eye any streamer playing any of the new Ubisoft games (Watch_Dogs Legion, Ass Creed Valhalla, Immortals Fenyx Rising, etc) after everything that's come out about that trash fire of a company.

So watching "Ghost Adventures" and they go to Moon River Brewery where they find this calico mom and her kittens and I'm wondering what happened to her kittens.


(More ghost hunting BS)
*Unexplained growl down in front* Dude that's your stomach.

please star trek writers find something else to say other than "through the looking glass" when an alternate universe is involved

Hot Tom and Jerry take 

Hot Tom and Jerry take 

Hot Tom and Jerry take 

Stream Closed Captioner seems to be better than Twitch CC due to the fact it syncs with what you actually see AND has way more option to play with to get it the way you like it.

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