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"You're Valid" meta; Why Validation is Important (+) cont. Show more

I really wish computer maintenance and upgrading wasn't a really expensive thing but holy damn it is

Asking for a lil help, holiday pc upgrade and/or replacement Show more

my kingdom for an international payment platform that isnt paypal

That time your mom tells other people that you should be throwing away your stuff and "how much of a hoarder" you are.

overpopulation Show more

On page 294 of 600 of Boogiepop Omnibus Vol., by Kouhei Kadono: And of course she's some...

On page 269 of 600 of Boogiepop Omnibus Vol., by Kouhei Kadono: Now we are saving a girl...

me: This user interface is easy to use, intuitive and will survive the test of time.

my users:

retoot this and Iā€™ll send u a sea creature pic based on my first impression of u

My cat: *does a bad thing*

Me: *sprays cat with bottle*

My cat: *rubs her wet self on my leg*

Me: asdfadfad

Whenever I need a button cell, chances are it's a CR2032.

Yet, the cheapest way to get them is in a set with a dozen other button cells of a different kind, which I'll never need. This seems rather silly and incredibly wasteful šŸ˜•

I saw this on Facebook and had to share Show more

Scenes from Star Trek that would've made fascists poop themselves in 2018