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OK you can stop with the "retro" now. I get it. YOu just want to reproduce all the games with brotagonists again in the year 2020 and just use "retro" as your bullshit excuse to be a shitcake.

If Nazis can't be reasoned with then misogynists can't be reason with either. :thinking_guillotine:

I hate technology. It's been so tainted by capitalism and I see it as one of the main big things causing so much shit in the world.

Technology could have been used for good, y'all. Instead it's all a tool of evil.

why do I have to actually fucking say this but listen, about Nazis: 

So apparently you can use Joycons as motion controls for a VR headset. 🤔

Ah PSO2 where all the women jiggle for the delight of the men and everyone rushes out to play yet another anime porn game, giving credence to the fact that, no, companies don't have to be less misogynisitc in their machinations. Everyone will just lap that shit right up.

Money Request 

Nintendo stop trying to "fix" the controller drift in Animal Crossing you are making it worse. It wasn't an issue pre 1.2.0

Why isn't there an algorithm to hide shit I don't want to see. It's always some blanket setting. If I keep hiding the anime porn games I probably don't want to see them.

Ham should never be made into a "salad". Ham can go into a salad... but never be made into a salad. ._ .

fediblock: racism, misoginy, etc 

When the first line of your game jam description page is "a game jam is a hackathon for game developers", I have to wonder who you thought your target audience was.

So I grabbed Civ6 off Epic for free earlier and I thought I'd do the tutorial and then it ended up taking 5 hours and afterwards I had no energy to play an actual game lol

But I was a little appalled they included 'fascism' as a legit government form, even tho I guess it's true to life, but you know some future terrorist is sitting in the glow of mountain dew cans like "yeah, i'm gonna pick fascism"

35% done with Sexiled, by Ameko Kaeruda: I wonder if in the Japanese they MRA was using ...

No you shouldn't make fun of a man for being super sensitive, yes however he should be just a bit tougher if he plans on investigating the Old Gods.

If you buy a game that is knowingly abusing it's employees you are complicit and an accessory to the abuse of those employees.

I'm of the belief that gender is bullshit and only applies to humans, because you don't see cats dressing up in pink aprons to bake cookies because they are female. Only humans use gender.
Sex is something only applied to animals as it's something used for breeding. The only time you care about the sex of an animal is for breeding and even then it's not a good indicator of what the DNA is doing.

DNA is the thing that says what an organic life is, it's a program. Only the wordpad.exe you have is not the same as mine, because that's the way the DNA program works. It also glitches a lot and can rewrite itself in response to continuous stimuli.

DOn't tell me to delete an account on a service if you aren't going to provide alternatives.

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