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hey overwatch can we get an poc lgbt por favor

having the knowledge to host is a class issue. it means you had the relative privilege to have access to spare time and education, self or otherwise, to learn the necessary skills. poor people have to work so much they can't leisurely commit 1000 hours mastering a new skillset. but even if you had the skillset, you might not have the class privilege to be able to afford self hosting. so many people completely ignore class and education privilege and it's another form of ableism.

If you want to hide information using stegography you still want to encrypt it before hiding because stegography is just hiding it in noise in a file, while cryptography will make it look statistically random reducing the risk that someone accidentally discovers the contents stored in the noise, to an outside observer this will just look like noise, whereas if you didn't encrypt if someone is paying attention they may spot the extra contents.

Cite yer shit people ― Pause and Select Sword of Democles Internet Endnote

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The first and merely only argument of alt-right when critising queer or poc people, when they try to appear non hatefull is : "Why do you have to bring the fact tat you are gay/black ? Nobody care".

I'm not interested in arguing about why people do stand out and the subject of visibility in general but, the very fact that they are -offended- that people bring the subject of their sexual orientation/gender/race makes the 2nd part of their assumption false. If nobody care, why are you so angry? drew this, I saw this on another post, and i realized, this was the first time I've seen furry art without impossibly large dicks and impossibly large breasts and it's really sweet and why can't we get more PG furry art with tummy rubs and back scritches and sfw grooming?

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I just kinda realized that the common Comic Bro™ argument of "Superman is boring because he's too strong and can beat anyone" stems from people not realizing that there's more to being a hero than beating people up and that's kinda telling about their general mindset

Reminder : The sooner you fail at your New Year's resolution, the sooner you can be free of them for the rest of the year.

hey it me, a gay. a lesbiab, if you will. i'm here to gay shit the fuck up.

Biscuit (10yo) announced this arvo in front of the entire fam that he's figured out that he's bisexual. He likes girls and boys, NBD.

Miss12 was like, OMG SO COOL.

I was like, okay dude. NBD. (but inside I was like wow, holy shit, he's only 10)

Hubby was like O.O (but outwardly chilled & tactfully respectful, I was well impressed)

I think it's hard for us old people sometimes to get that yes, a 10yo *can* know what they're into. I knew I was interested in boys at 10, why wouldn't he know?

How do Texans take a shower? Same as you. Turn on the shower, grab your Shiner Boch and brisket plate....

there are so many system of a down songs that like legitimately give me goosebumps at the main bits