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Twitter continues to protect |s and I will continue to not delete acts of mutual aid & self-defense!

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terfs, twitter, violence 

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Twitter kämpft weiter gegen Marginalisierte und Allys, und nötigt Löschung legitimer Kritik ab...

it's also almost like this highlights just how much being alive means relying on other people. on valuing work that doesn't directly generate value. it's almost like all the generated value in the world is intimately connected with the hidden labor we take for granted every single day. all of these things, it's almost like that. wait it is.

Will wounder how long it takes till Twitter properly handles my appeal...

Any Interlopers upon the riches and glory of shall be set upon by the hungry ghosts of Mr. Peanut.


Weiß jemensch, ob Flinkster auch zum Unternehmen Buchbinder gehört?




Twitter continues to protect |s and I will continue to not delete acts of mutual aid & self-defense!

"Was erhofft ihr euch von unserem AI-Tag?" "Terminator, funktionsfähig"

Und da ist sie wider, die Gier nach der Totalüberwachung. Diesman wegen des Coronavirus:

Sollte jemand Sticker machen wollen - hier das SVG zum Schland Scooter Schild: (Nun mit funktionierenden Link)

Kann jemand eine @card10badge gebrauchen? Gegen Versandkosten für Leute bei denen es benutzt wird! :D


Im #Entropia läuft Musik, die „krank“ als Beleidigung verwendet. Muss das sein?

What’s a Ska fan’s favorite fast food? 

Well-made devices 


Please help save my sons life

Write to your MP, Senator, Congress Rep!

Include the following article

A Q & A interview with, a law Prof & Torture investigatior

He fully exposes the political persecution & smear campaign against Julian


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tl;dr= no fascists, no bullying, no doing fucked up shit. You know what that means. Otherwise a lot of us are socialists, leftists etc. Dont bully people either. Or start witch hunts. You can have bots as long as administration clears them first The site is available on TOR! https://www.starrev3tah2dnhj.onion Note: letsencrypt won't sign a .onion domain cert so you will have to make a security exception as it uses the same cert for the main domain