The Venn diagram of people complaining that 'LGBTQIA+' is too long to spell and those who engage in bigotry towards LGBTQIA+ people is a circle.

Just say LGBT+, or hell even just LGBT and everything would be fine, but no. Let me complain how me having to spell seven (7) letter is too much effort for recognising marginalised groups of people.
Best accompanied by some tasteless joke like "just call 'em the alphabet people" or "I support the LGBTJLKOWRHTŴIIZEXQRÉ community" — very creative!
Not a bigot tho.

@hay Shorter Them: "we don't want our attacks on individuals to be collectively recognized as part of a larger pattern of intolerance!"

@woozle Organised action scares people.

And you know what? Good.

@hay I've seen people use QUILTBAG for ease of use? Easier to say too

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