Here are some free software alternatives for some simple digital tasks:

Note keeping ➡️ Emacs Org-Mode
Rich text editing ➡️ Emacs Org-Mode
Todo lists ➡️ Emacs Org-Mode
Spreadsheets ➡️ Emacs Org-Mode
Calendars ➡️ Emacs Org-Mode

Hope this was of help!

@hay hahahaha!! Let's the flame war begins? 😆

I prefer Vim because you don't need a GUI to do all that!:D

@hay I forgot totell. I'm just joking, I don't want a flame war about it, I know that emacs is a nice choice to do all that and I'm fine with it. Let's celebrate the diversity on GNU/linux where you can find a ton of apps that can do the same jobs in a different way, still getting the same result. I lova that kind of diversity that some people considers bad or fragmentation....

@hay I don't like emacs, besides I don't use rich text, at least in most cases so I stick with vim and plain text.

@Codeawayhaley That's OK. I was mostly just joking about what a monster Org-Mode is functionality wise.

@Codeawayhaley I think "rich text" wasn't the best choice of words since emacs is only plain text-- but it does have a nice markup syntax and displays the marked up text in a rich way (italics, bold, etc.) if your theme is set up for that.

@leadore yeah, unlikely to ever use such. I only use regular plain text for pretty much everything, if I need formating it is usually requiring something a bit more rich than rich text so in those cases I use libre writer or latex (depending on what it is I am writing, latex is great for equations)

@hay Trick question: What should I use for documentation writing?

@hay emacs is a pretty good operating system, it's just missing a decent text editor 😉

Eight Gigabytes And Constantly Swapping ➡️ Egacs Org-Mode.

Reminder to new Linux users.
It is imperative that you close all other programs on your machine and stop all services(see 'man systemctl' for more details) before attempting to start Emacs.
Also consider shutting down your network connection.
And if you have multiple hard-drives disable all but one.
Make sure your system has at least 16 GBs of RAM(free -h).
Proceed with extreme caution.

Better yet avoid all the trouble and use Vim instead.

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