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i accidentally screenshared my full desktop during a meeting and i had to explain this to my boss

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Been thinking a lot about to what degree the concept of "Death of the Author" applies to software the last couple of days.

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"I come from the future," the stranger said.
"Are you here to warn us?"
"The scientists of this age warn you. Thank you for listening."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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So I have an announcement. I sent an email to my work saying that I wanted to be able to focus on my work on taking advancing the federated social web to the next level. Read: better security / abuse resistance, richer interactions, virtual worlds.

How will I be funded to do this? I don't know. I do know that the state of the political world scares me enough that I feel I have to do this. If you want to support me: patreon.com/cwebber

Wish me luck. More updates soon.

I'm very happy when visiting an old course at uni, because every time the amount of women being present has visibly increased compared to previous years.

Free vs. proprietary software is a false binary.

I think looking at it as a spectrum is much more useful.

Does contributing to a project require you to sign a CLA, handing the copyright into the hands of a single entity that could relicense the software however it sees fit?
It might be released under the GPL now, but there is no guarantee that upstream will stay that way.

Is the software well documented? This is important, because even if I'm free to edit the code however I want, doing so meaningfully depends on how well I can grasp what said code's functionality is.
If your project is very complex and poorly documented, I look at it as being less free than an equally complex project that is significantly better documented.
You might understand your code, but others might not, effectively ruling their contribution out - or at least making the act of contributing more time consuming.

Those are just two examples of how a "free" software project can be limited in its freedom. Any facet of a software project can intersect with its freedom - from governance, over documentation, to overall community culture.

If you strive for software freedom that liberates humanity, the GPL isn't enough.

I have literally no patience for hobby projects outside of software development and I'm not quite sure why.
Anything that doesn't turn an immediate result I work on for a few hours and then I abandon that idea again.

Maybe I'm just burning all of my passion for long-term projects in software dev, and honestly I don't even think that that is bad.

It's just really disappointing that every time when I set out to do a longer hobby project outside of the software realm, I have to abandon that idea shortly after.

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Had some memory leaks for breakfast.

A bit dry on their own - would recommend having them with some milk.

Imagine guesturing towards the "feminists are nazis, actually" card in a fake academic paper and calling yourself liberals in the press release about said fake academic papers.

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Now that's a real classic.

It's kinda scary getting actual physical mail from one of those mega corps that you previously only interacted with through your computer screen.

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also uh #mastoDev

when are we gonna improve the image captioning UI it's so small and bad

improving upon it would enourage users to use it more

allowing us to see the whole caption as we do it, a pop up box for the description with the whole image visible, etc. those kinds of things. thanks

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It's honestly sad that it took literal Nazis for him to realise why it is important to treat people like people.

"And I'm still not apologising for my gender or the colour of my skin, or the fact that I happen to have the common sexual orientation."

This is just comical.

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"And I found a lot of the people who pushed for a CoC and criticised me for cursing to be hypocritical and pointless. I could easily point you to various tweet storms by people who criticise my 'white cis male' behaviour, while at the same time cursing more than I ever do."

This is just terrible reasoning for not engaging in self-reflection.

1) Just because the people who are critics of yours are also hypocrites, does not make their criticism false.
2) They aren't the leader of the largest software project in human history.

The only thing I see here is a guy trying to self-apologetically save face, before the whole thing boils over.