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I just acquired one of the most desirable Walkmans for half the price it usually goes for when broken. This one works - I can't wait!

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Tetris is like Smash: Everybody thinks they are good at it.

Besides from being a digital silo, Medium isn't even a good service by those standards.

The incredibly manipulative ways in which some companies use Twitter is alarming, but here in Germany our police has joined in on it. It has been going like this for a few years now.
They are appealing to the online public with content, memes, and occasionally also the tweeting of police work.

Is this also the case in other countries? It's quite disgusting honestly.

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We need to perfect pitches to convince artists to release a portion of their work under CC licenses the way corps perfect pitches to convince them otherwise.

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Please CW your posts fediverse, I've seen so many recently that need to be CW'd but weren't. These posts can be genuinely triggering, upsetting, angering or a reminder of horrible, difficult times or their current life and having at least sympathy for that isn't too difficult or if you don't at least try to understand. The CWs are there, please use them.

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*finally understood probability spaces after an entire semester because they misread ℘ as 𝒑 on the blackboard*


Exam crunch time 😫

"Not taking a side is taking a side" is only valid when there are power imbalances at play.

Yeah no, I'm putting this on ice.
I'm rather thin-skinned on certain issues and as it is right now I wouldn't feel safe expressing myself in that sphere.

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About two years ago I decided that I wanted to enter the "leftist video creator" sphere. It seemed nice and a good way of channelling a lot of my personal quirks into something useful.
I have been collecting ideas, written and scrapped video scripts and done a ton of reading and research over the past few months.

I have yet to put anything out, but considering all the bullshit that has happened in that community lately, really makes me question if I actually should do that at all now.

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Disposability culture is bad even when the person being disposed of is someone you don’t like. 🤯