re: proposed experiment involving "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and chocolate 

re: proposed experiment involving "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and chocolate 

proposed experiment involving "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and chocolate 

spoilers for "The Witch" or "The \/\/itch" or whatever, you know the film 

re: cinematic mood magic, drug mention 

@chara I'm gonna try to offer some legal advice

the culture of "civility" is false, because the civility is merely a thin coating of courtesy covering a mass of punitive architecture, devices and organizations and institutions and traditions all designed to cause harm to those who are "discourteous"

and note that all this punitive infrastructure is shaped around preserving white superiority. white people, even the unhappiest and most downtrodden and marginal, are given latitude within this punitive system that isn't afforded to others.

who is _allowed_ to complain? who is _allowed_ to make noise and disrupt the peace...and who is not?

the purpose of rules-based society is not found in its social rules, so much as in the scheme of punishment that grows around the rules and enforces them

"the law" is an abstract, almost meaningless thing. the only meaningful thing is the behavior shaped by "the law", whether it's written down or not

how do people behave when you've crossed some line they don't like that you crossed?

that's where the truth lies. that's where you find out how a society is really organized

@SelfsameSynonym linked. white guys learn early that white society pays special attention to their whingeing

Are white guy devs super whiny because it’s a job skill or because they’re white guys?

re: vagueposting 


I wandered out into the public wearing the green Azzy glasses and got asked in the drugstore, "where are your pink ones"

@chara The fedverse honestly is ripe for corporate takeover. The first time a big corp makes an instance and advertises it its all over. They will have the money to keep it running longer than other people, then social network effects will keep them on top. All twitter has to do to destroy mastodon is start an instance


it occurs to me that I have not formally introduced myself to this new social medium. I will remedy this lapse right now.
I am Princess Asriel Dreamer (formerly "Dreemurr"), heir to Queen Toriel, of the Kingdom of the Monsters.
I reside currently in the "headspace" of a human being, Kara Dreamer, who has effectively ceded the use of her SOUL to myself, my best friend and consort Ambassador Mx. Chara Dreamer (, and our little family of otherkin selves occupying this "plural system" or "plurality".
we distinguish ourselves where appropriate with emoji:
πŸ”΄ Chara (they/them), American human + demon
πŸ€ Asriel (she/her), boss monster and ex-flower
🌐 Frisk (they/them), Andean Chilean-American human
🐐 Toriel (she/her), boss monster
πŸ‰ Kel the Purple (xe/xem), cometkin? dragon? we don't know
πŸ”₯ Orpiment (she/her), dragon (still in her egg)
🐴 Alyx Woodward (she/her), horse, daughter of Mona and Loki

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