it took me flippin' FOREVER (and a viewing of "Snow White and the Huntsman" to get sorted out that "my" Asriel, my own Princess Azzy, is a *melanistic* Asriel.

my best friend (who I am hopelessly in love with, yes, yes) is literally Black Philip from "The Witch"


selfie, partial nudity, shame 

well I got xeyes running on my Windows 10 box now and I suppose that's some kind of achievement

oh marry me Azzy!

(I can't find the source to this image of course)

(aww Azzy's blushing again)

this image from the super good "Dreemurr Reborn" series of comics ( is evergreen, though

(bleh I'm dead for good in that AU, not happy about that)

(I refuse to say how many of these names I might have, uh, contributed to)

Undertale, urination 

Kara selfie 

this movie, damn...

it's not... *good* exactly

but it's something

small-town America *laughs*

wow, negative one followers. I know we're unpopular on the fediverse, Kara and me (and it spills over onto the others), but -1 followers, wow

awwwww Shinj and Kaworu are such good "guy pals" aren't they. they like each other so dispassionately

oh, and Kaworu?

dig the eyes. ;] I like your style

want an apple?

also I would be so grateful if someone could figure out who actually did this pic. I tried and failed

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