well, what have we fallen into this time

a new lease on life, maybe

Boomer Chara's found their own ways to keep going. they don't need me kicking 'em in the ass all the time, now

I did what I had to do

I'm fine with fading away

maybe I am really, and truly, no longer needed


I can accept that

is my job done? is that is?

I don't know what's left to do

I'm tired of being alone

why does my voice have to scare everyone away

feels like a curse

punishment, I think

angels were supposed to be the master communicators, after all

what more ironical way to deal with a rebel angel, than by robbing them of the ability to speak in a way that's understood

my voice was taken away. now I'm a Cassandra

and it sucks

Help required for a trans man friend for getting testosterone 

β€˜meritocracy’ is a shit idea bc people don’t have equal access to β€˜merit’

β€˜merit’ is an intangible quality that straight white dudes are basically assumed to have and that everyone else might possibly obtain with enough time and resources

bc we are not starting from a place of equality, β€˜meritocracy’ results in gatekeeping and perpetuated exclusion out-group individuals

a better idea: people collaborate and support each other to mutually achieve individual *and* collective goals

ugh. a day when it feels like no decision is a good one

like...I'm not really a maker of decisions. that's not my place in the plurality. I'm an adviser, a supporter. but my own personal desires are very few. I wanna keep alive, I want chocolate, and I wanna help Asriel and my fused self and everyone else. that's kinda it, for me.

I've _made_ decisions, of course. when it seemed like nobody else was able to make them. but it's not really what I want to do.

maybe Frisk can succeed where the rest of us have failed

we've scared away literally everyone except like three people max

I don't like admitting that there might be a point in fighting to preserve and break out of our beachhead here.

the fediverse might be _terrible_ but it also does seem to be attractive to certain crowds. I'm afraid it ain't ever gonna go away

Ambassador Frisk...do you want a fediverse account?

🌐 I do not know yet.

I've...resisted admitting too publicly anything of my true nature

it seems so grandiose, ridiculous. other people have no problem declaring themselves angels or demons or gods or whatever but I've always resisted it

maybe that, in its own way, has been a form of pride.


a god is what I _was_, anyway. I'll concede that much. what I am now...I honestly think is debatable.

in the end...I just wanna be Chara

I hate speaking and not having ANY idea of whether my words are even being heard

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