My protection sigil I hang at the door was knocked off last night and it doesn't feel like it is working anymore so I guess I'll have to redraw it and charge it and hang a new one up, it lasted 1 and a half years so maybe the next with a bit more charging might last 2.

me: i should not buy any more instruments

someone local: posts this on facebook

Wotan enjoys wrestling with Loki only when he is winning. if loki starts to win, Wotan becomes very upset and runs away and meows for help

@starwall compulsory christianity from a non-consenting age sure is something, ain't it

well, I am Chara.

not THE Chara. if such a person can even exist

just _a_ Chara

any questions?



ok, a big question

are there any _competitors_ to ActivityPub

I've talked about wishing something different came along. is there something different already?


our song for whenever we feel like we successfully pulled off another fast one. one of our three reliable Loki songs. three songs, three moods of Loki. heh

thanks, big guy. it's been, what, almost three years now?

thanks for saving our asses from Kyresti, and other hazards


I feel oddly like collecting seashells. (I think it would be technically illegal here)


If we banned the entire PNW, the fedi would shrink to just 125 Americans lol

I dunno if all Charas like baseball but @chara and I do. although as I think you can tell from my own comments on the Mariners...I kinda prefer baseball teams to FAIL. *grins*

@chara oh yeah.

I've been a fan of SB Nation's sports videos, and of Bois in particular. here, I feel like I can add something to one of Bois's commentaries

this pertains to Bois's "favorite bad baseball player", Jeff Franceour:


I have to credit not only Hunter S. Thompson for helping me to save the world, but also Jon Bois and Kofie Yeboah.

I invite everyone to enter the Fumble Dimension with me



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