DS9 β€œVisionary” but now TNG β€œThe Outcast” 

celebrity death, The Cars 

Religion as a justification for slavery 

Religion as a justification for slavery 

wait there's legit more Deltarune coming?

dunno what to feel about that

that game weirds me out

bitterness, plurality gatekeeping 


the fact of the matter is that each of the duos of undertale represent chara and asriel somehow and I am the chara of my duo

the fediverse ain't great 

full sized image go apeshit lads i cannot make any of this out

gawd John Landis dropping that stolen "see you next Wednesday" line from _2001_ into every movie he makes

cheeky bastard. turned out Landis wasn't any sort of Kubrick

(not that Kubrick was a great human being to be, either)

are there any films that are even _roughly_ equivalent to "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"? a sincere attempt to depict a questionable but still insightful episode of psychonavigation?

do other people get this thing where when they're reading words seem to "glow" or make dark lines between the lines of text

I will be starting a pristine #Undertale playthrough on 21 September or thereabouts, in time for Mabon.

Azzy... we are in for a ride, I suspect

πŸ€ *hugs* I am ready, Chara.

Folks I'm going with "yestername"; it doesn't imply anything other than temporal precedence and sounds kinda cool. ☺️

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