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Opposed to a large extent to oppression, animated by a powerful breath of liberty, and proclaiming liberty as their essential purpose, why did these revolutions go down under a new dictatorship, exercised by a new dominating and privileged group, in a new slavery for the mass of the people involved? What will be the conditions which will permit a revolution to avoid this sad end? - Voline, The Unknown Revolution

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Suspenden el primer matrimonio homosexual en Costa Rica tras la prohibición del Consejo Notarial, a pesar de lo que dicta la ley.

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@kurtm on point #2: certain people and groups of people would love nothing more than for us to tune out because the news is so bad/fake/depressing/confusing/useless. The president’s entire media strategy is based on this strategy. #gaslighting #posttruth

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2nd Women's March takes place in cities across the US, excoriating Trump administration policies, and denouncing the culture of sexual harassment and abuse. Half a million in Los Angeles, 100s of 1000s in many cities

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I'm at liberty to sleep in, but when we are at the farm, I get up with the roosters 😀

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In short, I wish more people had empathy for open-source maintainers and tried to understand things from their point of view. I wrote this post to try to articulate my own feelings as I began to spiral towards my own burnout:

After I wrote that post, I was contacted by dozens of open-source maintainers who told me I captured exactly how they felt. So hopefully it stands as a good insight for anyone trying to understand the mind of an open-source maintainer.

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: Times Literary Supplement on the revolutionary ideas of Thomas Kuhn, paradigm shifts and his legacy in the present time