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Thailand's criminal defamation law Show more

: interview with highly respected diplomat Celso Amorim on the foreign hands behind the "wholesale attack on Brazil's sovereignty brasilwire.com/the-wholesale-a

Brazil, logistics strike Show more

Abortion rights, N Ireland Show more

Philippines, Journalism, assassination Show more

Argentina-IMF bailout deal Show more

Central Bank is planning to institute its own digital currency for interbank settlements. Calling an instrument created by a natinal state a seems an error of comprehension cointelegraph.com/news/thailan

, which holds a foreign currency reserve of $200 billion, feels secure it will not be effected by global monetary tightening which has adversely effected most developing economies. The Bloomberg caveat of military coups following elections seems overblown, as the military will no doubt retain the reins of power after the election bloomberg.com/news/articles/20

Hormone therapy is safe for trans patients Show more

Brexit consequences Show more

Teamsters to strike UPS Show more

focused smartphone is scheduled for launch next year, at a price projected to be $599. The phone is said to permit installation of "any Linux distribution". slashgear.com/purism-librem-5-

Bermuda, retreat on equal marriage overturned Show more

Spain, poliics, gender Show more

Canada, wacky weed Show more