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tired: hating the concept of "mac versus pc" because a macintosh is a personal computer by definition

wired: hating the concept of "mac versus pc" because macintosh computers use x86 processors these days and are architecturally identical to other brands of computer

inspired: hating the concept of "mac versus pc" because the unique processor architecture that the macintosh used prior to the x86 migration was literally called powerpc


fighting fascists will ruin your life
do it anyway

*meeting a British couple*
Which one of you is the Wallace and which one the Gromit?

mute conversation really should purge those notifications too thanks.

I can’t really use buses because autism but I signed this petition SO HARD omg.

If you’re in Wales and you support public transport I recommend signing this!


New #Petition : Fare free public bus service for all in Wales


I need information presented in multiple forms, especially if it's only conveyed in verbal conversation.

I need safe feedback and check-in systems that are open to criticism.

I need men and patriarchal systems of hierarchy to actually handle emotional support of the humans inside of it for a damn change, instead of making that easily ignored or uncompensated job expectations... because gender.

Autism Speaks, poll 


Judy Hopps: I wanna make the world a better place

Me: then start a co-op, Judy

Relationships, isolation 

Today's gender is the smell of leaves burning.

FACT: it is ok to be proud of the things you make.

I just realized one of the defining features of WASP culture is that politeness is more important than boundaries.

friend zone. a zone filled with friends. i would love to go to there

Love negative 

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tl;dr= no fascists, no bullying, no doing fucked up shit. You know what that means. Otherwise a lot of us are socialists, leftists etc. Dont bully people either. Or start witch hunts. You can have bots as long as administration clears them first The site is available on TOR! https://www.starrev3tah2dnhj.onion Note: letsencrypt won't sign a .onion domain cert so you will have to make a security exception as it uses the same cert for the main domain