Food that is vegan and gluten free 

Ridiculous amount of money for an app designed to ‘give voice to the voiceless’ 

Black Mirror season five, episode three spoilers 

political test, politics 

Likes for answers, some lewd. 

Star Trek Discovery S02E08 Spoilers, Hacking 


tl;dr= no fascists, no bullying, no doing fucked up shit. You know what that means. Otherwise a lot of us are socialists, leftists etc. Dont bully people either. Or start witch hunts. You can have bots as long as administration clears them first The site is available on TOR! https://www.starrev3tah2dnhj.onion Note: letsencrypt won't sign a .onion domain cert so you will have to make a security exception as it uses the same cert for the main domain