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Cloudy Glass @UnclearFuture

Yeah I use WinRAR:

WinRAR Install? Nope.
Run Another compressoR

@UnclearFuture I don't use winRar because I neither have a windows machine nor do I use the Rar archive+compression format (tar.xz with -9e flag for the win)

@UnclearFuture I think it is the same algorthm set to maximum extreme compression level.

7zip is the compression algorthm + an archive format, while xz is just compression and must be paired with an archival format.


Oh, thank you :).

What I meant, and sorry for not making this clear is, how does -9e compare to 7zip in terms of size?

@UnclearFuture I think it is the same algorithm so it should be pretty much identically assuming you have set the same compression level.

-9e is level 9 Extreme compression level, where -9 is just level 9.

If you set 7zip to max compression is I think it is also using -9e and since it is the same algorithm any difference in size output comes down to how the archival format used works.


Ohhhh, right, I get your meaning now, thank you :).