What's a good computer scanner to buy if you use Linux primarily?

I don't need or want an integrated printer. Thank you ^.^

@UnclearFuture @hollyamory the Canon LiDE 120 maybe? It’s been around long enough for there to be drivers somewhere I’m guessing.

@UnclearFuture @hollyamory full disclosure: I have no clue if it’ll actually work. But I have the LiDE 110 and have had that for like 10 years. Still works 🤷🏻‍♀️ (macOS).

@UnclearFuture SANE's supported device list is here: - which should at least let you weed out the ones that won't fly at all

my experience of scanning under linux is limited to an epson all-in-1 (cx3200?) and a canon lide30 (which someone gave me for free because they needed a win7-compatible scanner and the lide30 isn't). i've never had any problems with them; they both just worked. the going rate for the lide30 seems to be about £16 plus delivery, so i'd recommend that for casual scanning

but for anything where you think you might need a sheet feeder, i wouldn't know what to suggest

@UnclearFuture having said that, the lide30 is rather slow (USB 1.1?)... newer lides might be faster

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