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I’m sorry to post a link to surveillance capitalist YouTube but you need to watch this speech by Hannah Gadsby in full. In under eight minutes, not only does she give a masterclass in intersectional feminism but also a biting critique of the hypocrisy at the heart of neoliberalism.

(Please visit the link below in a separate browser in incognito mode if possible, it leads to YouTube, an unsafe site.)

Cloudy Glass @UnclearFuture


Alternatively you can view it on invidious ( ) which doesn't track you, simply replace all the youtube or stuff with, you can keep the unique video identifier though.

So becomes

Hope this helped!

@el_joa @krozruch @aral

True, and if you're on Desktop then FreeTube ( ) is another good alternative too for watching videos, it lets you subscribe without an account too!

@UnclearFuture @el_joa @krozruch @aral Great to have another alternative:) Thanks for mentioning it, hadn't heard of this.

@el_joa @UnclearFuture @aral Recently discovered it, though I have to first know it's useful so view it elsewhere first.

@krozruch @el_joa @aral

Oh, quick tip I learned, if you like full 1080p then you can download the video and audio seperately and then stitch them together with ffmpeg using the following command:

ffmpeg -i video_file -i audio_file -c copy output_file_name

also, if you need subtitles youtube-dl --all-subs is useful, which then you can weave into the above outputted file too:

ffmpeg -i file -i subtitle_file -c copy output_file :)

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Well, it does not proxy the video which is still loaded directly from CDN, so you'll at least leak your IP.
Still better than using YouTube directly though

@ck @aral

Ah, right, thank you for the information :).

True, better than using it directly!

@UnclearFuture Ah, thank you; I was trying to remember the name of that site. Appreciate it :)