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Aboard the starship Kadoma you catch a glimpse of Flor Fielden, a fucking console cowboy in a nylon dashiki.

does anyone have £535,000 i could borrow i need to purchase a hotel in Scottish Highlands

Help required for a trans man friend for getting testosterone 

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re: A conversation with my sister about presents to show what autistic people have to put up with. 

The spaces that you cultivate should be moving beyond the optics.

If your concern is how you're seen instead of doing the work to not be actively harmful, hoe why is you here?

This is some gaslighty shit tbh.

Ppl that are going around w the tools they need, info they need to be accountable & *actually* do better & apologize & instead they twist their fingers to say 'i dont wanna look like i am harmful'


hoe why is you here??

this cognitive dissonance cycle the fediverse puts itself through is tiring and no one learns.

you ain't gotta go

no self flagellation needed

just reflect, apologize w the same vim you expect of others.

also, im over the hot takes and terrible jokes on white ppl. i see this a lot on birdland too.

this isn't to shield the protected class, but two things: so many ppl have made their 'clout' or following based off just basic repetitive jokes abt WP 'as if our lives have no meaning or no depth with out the white gaze'-Aunt Toni
2- De center whiteness as much as you can from your life & reclaim your existence. Bc if you only have whiteness to battle then youre not looking inwardly at all


Roberto Clemente was an Afro Boricua from Barrio San Antón, Carolina, Puerto Rico. He played professional baseball & is well known for his time w Pittsburg Pirates. He passed away in Nicaragua delivering aid.

He was a super star, a hero for Boricua's & Latines, and especially for Black Puerto Ricans.

ESPN doc trailer:

Speaking of #BlackHistoryMonth!! Afro-Latinx's are often erased from a lot of history so I want to do a thread/tag of my Afro-Latinx heroes. It's not exhaustive, by any means, but these are the ppl that I think of constantly.

#AfroLatineHistory starts here!

Over here Black History Month is observed in October, which is when LGBT+ History Month is observed in the US and Canada

Does anyone know enough about Raspi to tell me if all Pi 4 are Pi4Bs? I got a Pi 4 here and I see some people specifically call their a Pi 4 B.

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Is there anywhere summarising the various Mastodon forks' differences from mainline? Seems to me it could be interesting to see just what's on offer outside the main project and how they compare.

Outside a degenerate art gallery you ask for directions from Clelia Angela Palin, an astonishing heiress in a pine green teddy.

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