US childhood, racism 

Is there anywhere summarising the various Mastodon forks' differences from mainline? Seems to me it could be interesting to see just what's on offer outside the main project and how they compare.

Question about non trauma-based systems, specifically for other systems, request for feedback, boosts ok! 

Obvious things don't exist.

For every thing that you think is "obvious", someone else out there doesn't understand it.

The idea of a working class is inherently tied to capitalism and imperialism.

It's about making people into wage laborers who "participate in the economy" and encouraging mass consumption.

Not working, sharing freely with others, repairing and reusing things, creating and growing things for yourself is radical resistance

Dice Funk is a good podcast. I'm glad @UnclearFuture introduced me to it!

Thinking about being autistic and not wanting to bother masking any more 

Rhetoric that is incorrect and wrong 

Fuck JK Rowling and fuck TERFs and the replies and opinions to all of this shit is why you can't allow people to say their harmful shit unchallenged.

culture vs class 

Take a few minutes to do something just because it makes you happy.


Four hours after the return you bandage Thora Kozakiewicz, an experimental prince.

Cw meta, violence / acab 

I do not like most online (or offline for that matter) streaming or license giving services. I feel like they go against human nature in that they hoard and control access to things that should be able to be shared freely. Yes, I understand that people should be paid for their work but that isn't what is going on with these big companies and services a lot of the time and as such I encourage and promote piracy, paying when you can methods and for how much you want to too.

Generosity, I believe, is within us all, and for those who it isn't look at it this way, things are not going to be made worse by giving away some of your likely massive income (forgive me if you don't have a massive one and aren't generous, I just feel like there's a strong correlation between rich people and lack of generosity) and may in fact greatly improve things for everyone, including you.

Absent a better system we should all be helping each other out as best we can, whether that means giving people access to things that make life worth living, improves their understanding of the world or indeed improves their lives directly such as money, food, access to services, a safe place to sleep etc.

So yes, pirate, share, help, boost, listen, understand and enjoy, be grateful when you can but consoling when necessary.

And most importantly, love <3

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