@Jo just tried this out and its either fixed, model specific, or too faint for either of the radios I have to pick up

celebrity death this year 

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TFW someone replies to a github issue that’s been closed for almost 2 years


Remeber back when Eugen refused to do this and then implemented authorized fetch because some big school wanted it?

@junebug I love how when the commentators asked Magnus about it he trolled them by making up theory

Big Star Wars episode 3 spoilers 

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re: uspol 


Music notation software question 

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US Pol - Repetitive Alarmist Syndrome 

woodwind maintenance 

I liked the phrasing of a line in the intro of one study saying that if a triplet feel was what made something swing, everything in 6/8 would swing

Like it’s right but also wrong since 6/8 isn’t uniformly in 2, but still

Reading academic research about what makes music swing and some of the stuff is cringeworthy but there are some good observations in a couple studies too, like how laying back but staying in time or why it actually works when you even out 8ths when the feel is definitely swung

One of the neatest I found is how there ends up being a specific order of what beats are loose and what are always together that probably makes a bigger difference in whether something swings or not than anything else and explains why I’ve heard recordings of classical music that swing with even 8ths and everything

(Down beats are loose, back beats are tighter, offbeats are always together)

The clarinets sound so fucking good on the Dvorak in that first one btw

I’m no Shostakovich expert, but I think Kirill Gerstein plays this like it’s Mozart and Yuja Wang plays it like it’s supposed to sound

(Same orchestra)

Kirill Gerstein

Yuja Wang

Things known by the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm 

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