Performative cancelling is bullshit

Yes i read the original tweets and I'd still fucking sit down with her and read Transgender History together she's still a fucking comrade in this fight she's not the fucking enemy jesus fuck people

Look: i know we're all fucking traumatised all the time but we need do do better by our sisters in this fight against an entire system

Hell there's probably some corner of "trans twitter" that has it out for me for "harboring an abuser" or some shit because i helped house two homeless trans women while they got jobs and then after that one became abusive to the other.

People are complicated and not all good and some are pretty bad and we STILL NEED TO SHOW UP FOR THEM.

"but she said transexual" oh my fucking god you fragile darling

Stop pretending that the progress queers have made is older than it actually is. Or nearly as universally distributed as you want it to be.

Also! Stop pretending that criticising someone before and after the creation of the modern internet are at all the same. Criticising is fine. The internet magnifies everything and it's already a terrible place for a trans woman, especially one who's been deemed a "public figure."

Like listen I'm literally afraid to start a YouTube for something innocuous like hey! Welding! I could do that but no actually i can't because of this bullshit that ANY trans woman online gets for daring to exist.

Nobody cancels people like they do trans women, there's a special kind of blood in the water feel to every time this happens. Finally, she's tripped up, now we can attack.


@June the tree of online validation is watered with the blood of trans women

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