@Laurelai the Ishtar=Easter is one of the really weird new atheist memes since the name and symbology are pretty well documented. Like, down to the Venerable Bede describing the holiday for Eostre in detail and the Pope saying “just make it about Jesus, they won’t notice the difference”

@SelfsameSynonym The rabbit association came from german christians in the 1700's and the egg symbols came from mesopotamian crhistians (100-220 AD)

@Laurelai I’d read that the rabbit was a holdover from Germanic pagan spring festivals predating Christianity coming to the area

@SelfsameSynonym they used to believe that rabbits reproduced asexually and thus thought they copied the virgin birth in nature


@Laurelai “try used to believe that rabbits reproduced asexually”

that’s both surprising and unsurprising

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