100 companies are responsible for over 70% of global greenhouse emissions since the 80s and the US military burns is the single largest consumer of oil, but sure. Personal choices.

Walk or bike to work once a week, wash your clothes in cold water, take fewer international flights, go vegan, kill your first born. These are easily accessible solutions for everyone that are sure to make a significant difference if not solve the problem outright.

@SelfsameSynonym I'm with you, but, sorry 😀 I won't kill my first born. Love the energy and understand your frustration. I wrote an opinion piece to vent my anger. I felt better for about a minute.

@SelfsameSynonym Well, killing your FIRST born wouldn't make much impact, especially if you have a prodigious passel of kids. You'd have to kill ALL your born. My biggest problem, walking or biking to work. My work is 23 miles from my house. But I claim emissions credits by NEVER flying on airplanes. I'm a very modern person.

@StephanLoy My point is that these aren’t solutions at all. When the total annual footprint reduction you can make is less than the US military generates in less than an hour or less than companies like Chevron emit in a minute, doing everything the personal choices crowd advocate doesn’t actually change anything.

@SelfsameSynonym True. Only large scale reduction would make any difference, if any difference could be made. Unfortunately, the time for making a difference passed in the 1970s. The time for mitigating unstoppable badness passed in the late 1990s. But, with my hybrid cars, solar panels, electric lawn mower, and all the trees I've planted and land I've kept wild, I can at least say "'Hey, not my fault."
Everybody else, move away from the coast.

@StephanLoy It’s not your fault because you lack the power to make those large-scale changes, not because you’ve made an insignificant reduction to global emissions through personal choices.

Reducing things to personal choices at a consumer level shifts the focus away from the people and institutions who can actually solve the problem.

@SelfsameSynonym And they don't WANT to solve the problem. It would cost money. It would cost new ways of thinking. They gamble that they'll be dead before the bad stuff happens, so they kick the can farther down the road and let their grandkids suffer the consequences. Or, from the way things have been going lately, their kids.

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