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Take responsibility for the capitalist, white supremacist brainwashing you should be unlearning.

Your first thought is what you've been programmed to think. Your second thought defines who you are by what you do with that first thought.

You've been conditioned your whole life to hurt people. You have to stop doing that and the only way is through being self-aware and constantly working at it. You can't excuse it away or say you don't know better. You do know better. Now do better.

There should be societal taboos against calling customer support for help but refusing to say what the problem is.

“It’s not working”
Ok, when you say it’s not working, what isn’t working?
“The website. It’s not working”
Ok, what are you trying to do on the website when it’s not working?
“It’s not working. I can’t do anything”
What website are you going to?
“I told you it’s not working”
You’ve said that. What website isn’t working?
“The website”

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So excuse me if I will not cater to the whims of my oppressors in ever single space that I exist.

If you have money you are probably an asshole to a lot of people every day. I'm going to remind you of that. Block me or shut the fuck up.

Every one of my friends has more money and support than me. Sometimes I come away from hanging out with them and just cry because they woudn't stop talking about their families or vacations or raises. But I wouldn't dare tell them because what if they stopped being my friend then? What if I couldn't get a ride to the hospital or help with a phone bill? I bite my tongue every single day.

The fact that you have enough money to live and other people don't is bad.

It will always be bad.

Your privilege is still a privilege and those without it are allowed to speak out against that power no matter what weird exception you think belongs to you.

You want to tell poor people they can't be pissed off about being poor because it hurts your feelings? Because you gave them $5 last week? How sick and poor does someone need to be for them to get your permission to express that pain?

I was just told I should be nicer to people with money and that's why people aren't nice to me and I don't get the support I need.

But I'm not a bootlicker?

I'm torn.