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call out the racist white woman in the store. call out the transphobic/cissexist white woman in the bathroom (if ur cis).

or talk to the victim and help them get out of the situation. more often than not your whiteness (or cisness) will protect you from any further action on the harassers part.

use your privilege to uplift and aid marginalized folks.

The occupation / blockade at the #ICE facility in Portland, OR continues. As long as these horrific policies continue and those responsible are in power, we will fight like hell.

We are holding this space as long as possible and the authoritarian white supremacists who work here will not find peace.

Immigrants are welcome in our community. State terrorists who separate families are not.


Addr is:
4310 SW Macadam Ave

Get out here if you're in #PDX!

BREAKING: The EU JURI committee has passed #Article13. This requires sites to filter all submissions against a database of copyrighted works—creating a #CensorshipMachine that puts thousands of daily activities and millions of Internet users at the mercy of algorithmic filters.

It is a trend in the online world to blame people of color, trans people, women, and disabled people for pointing out how hostile your shit is to us. It's not our fault.

Don't cry to us about how the assholes ruined this for you.

Make your shit unusable for assholes. Take it out on them.

Stop your tears and put in some damn work.

You got to face the horror of this. I get it we are all low on spoons. But you have to face the horror of this. You have to speak out.

You either speak out, do something or you are complicit.

Dead fascists make for a healthy society

Guys I’m literally starving. Please help. my paypal:

If you know anyone in the Salt Lake City area, here’s an ICE enthusiast who harasses and threatens truck drivers.

Makes me unreasonably sad that Ben and Jake Sisko talked about visiting the fire caves in the first season and never went.

I don't entirely know what's going on

but like, fuck ICE, doxx them all

Anyways heres a bunch of dox of ICE agents, make their lives miserable. Fuck fascists and fuck fascism.

You could literally cover ICE agents with fire ants and still have the moral high ground

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