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Regular reminder that repeating Nazi and channer shit when it suits you and promoting people who do the same isn’t radical or revolutionary or even a good way to behave

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trying to do some pleroma stuff and I don't know elixir but when I run "mix compile" I get this error that says:

fatal: No tags can describe ... (hash)

What's up with this? I assume this is bad but I can't figure out where to go to debug further?

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Uh, does Pleroma send out any emails? I started to dig into their documentation looking for where to configure the server or any email parameters but didn't find it.

Does it send anything out at all?

Do I know anyone in Eugene, Oregon?

I am apartment/room share hunting there but I have to move on the 31st.

I am looking for a place to rest my head until I find something permanent

Boosts welcome

Amazon and USPS, Libertarians and Libraries Show more

And it’s rude of my phone to constantly autocorrect “of” into “if”

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credit about a trans design which has been misattributed Show more

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if you post from mastodon with your phone you are tooting from a horn because horn is an oldtimey slang for phone do you get it you are tooting your own horn

It’s really rude if my employer to not be ok with me not just watching whatever I want on Netflix while I’m working.

I have 2 HD monitors and I only ever use one at a time.

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A long shot I know, looking for an old post Show more

Wha'ts the first episode of Deep Space Nine I should show to my friend who has so far seen TOS "Balance of Terror" and TNG "the drumhead" "elementary dear data" "cause and effect" and "remember me" and loved all of those

DS9 “Profit and Loss” Show more

Me, explaining memes in 2008: No, mom, see, the cat wants a cheeseburger. And he can't spell because he's a cat! It's funny!
Me, explaining memes in 2019: *sigh* he just. . . he just is really horny for the slime. I dunno. I dunno.