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FACT: The worst part about washing your bedding is needing to make the bed before you can go to sleep.

Boost if you're hella gay. Like just as gay as it gets. The gayest of the gays. You know what I'm talking about.

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lets try to actually use the cw feature as intended instead of using it for dumb jokes this isnt twitter you dont have to be funny to get support and love

THEM: there's nothing you can do on Mastodon that you can't do on Twitter


*slaps the roof of a fabric-topped convertible*
this baby can fit so many-
*my super strong hand goes through the material*
oh god! I, uhh- just a moment-
*attempts to free my hand, slips, falls shoulder deep into the convertible's roof*
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it can fit... so many-
*stands, removing a swath of tattered cloth and mangled metal framework from the vehicle*
I, uh... what I meant to say is... ummmm.... memes

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So hasperat is a brined vegetable wrap that is spicy enough to make your eyes water...I need to make something like that.

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someone please make a bot that just toots "abolish follower counts" every 10 minutes

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Made a semi-subtle wallpaper I thought some of you might enjoy

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