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Most of the anti jazz stuff out there is just based on racism

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Regular reminder that repeating Nazi and channer shit when it suits you and promoting people who do the same isn’t radical or revolutionary or even a good way to behave

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Star Trek: TMP, the novelization 

Very disappointed to find that after all these years, I still have a misshapen body that can break and fall apart

Just thinking about it, when Jacobs retired 4 years later they lost 44 years of experience. When Herseth retired in 2001, they were at 89 years and lost 53. When Clevenger retired in 2013, they were back to 130, but lost 47

Jay Friedman’s still going strong after 58 years too, but excluding him, the section only has 30ish years experience, almost all from Gene Pokorny, who took over for Arnold Jacobs in 1989

One thing about the CSO/Abbado recording is that in 1984, the principal brass had 116 years of cumulative experience playing in that orchestra and there’s this kind of stability and a kind of collective movement that isn’t in other recordings or performances

God I bought that recording in 2000 or 2001 and after 19-20 years of listening to dozens of other Mahler 7 recordings it’s still my favorite by far

Abbado recorded it with Berlin in the early 2000s, but when I heard that recording it just sounded muddy. He did it at his Lucerne festival thing a few years later and that one is very close to the CSO one in interpretation but the orchestra, being assembled for the festival rather than playing together day after day for years just doesn’t sound as good

It’s neat though that while the trend in Mahler (and a ton else) has been “slow is profound, slower is more profounder” Abbado actually sped up a bit between the recordings he made in the 70/80s and the ones in the 2000s

Here’s the Lucerne Festival performance

Sedate but very well played performance of Mahler 7?

The Chicago Symphony “live” streamed this performance from 2011 today

Here’s a fantastic recording of them from 1984 playing the same piece

It was neat discovering that some editions (probably) have the orchestral tutti in random spots to basically fill up a line or two so later pages lay out better

Took about 20-30 minutes to get back into using it about as well as I used to, then another couple hours of notation to do the 3rd movement and then another couple hours to figure out how to do page formatting that I’d never used before and then a bit more time to remember how to export pages to tiff so they could be made into a pdf.

God, remember when pdf was strictly proprietary and so nothing would natively read or export to it?

I should do the other 2 movements too

Trying to actually work on the Mozart concerto instead of just the exposition for the first time since a few weeks in college when my prof just wanted to make sure we’d covered it and finally gave up from edition frustration (switching between basset clarinet and normal clarinet versions to get the parts from each that I want)

So I decided to just write out what I’m wanting, thought “hmm...I think I’ll finally try musescore”, went to their site, and was about to download it when I remembered that I have a super old pirated version of Finale that I used all through college and a couple years beyond.

Had to copy the files from an old backup and install fresh, but do you remember back when you could “register” software by printing a form that you promised to mail? That was nice

It does kinda suck not being able to use the scroll wheel though, but I guess that’s to be expected for software made for Windows 98

old cat 

plant good news/bad news 

in which I complain about 19th century French musical typesetting 

in which I complain about 19th century French musical typesetting 

in which I complain about 19th century French musical typesetting 

gods I love watching the conducting masterclasses the Concertgebouw does

Daniele Gatti always had fantastic insight and suggestions and Ivan Fisher is even better and he (hopefully) isn’t an abuser like Gatti was

The local grocery store had murder plants for $5 last week and so I got one.

I don’t think it’s done anything except sit by the window, longing for one of the flies that are inside to come visit

Maybe everything should be like this and since US units are defined as conversions from metric, it could get weirder

Box of graham crackers
Net weight: 14.4 oz - 9.81 m/s² x 0.408 kg

Ok so the aluminum foil says 50 sq ft - 16.67 yds x 12 in

Why not 50 ft x 1 ft?

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