Anybody else having bizarre issues with seeing posts on the home timeline out of order or not at all, especially on my instance? It’s as though we’re behind with pulling them and I don’t see them until hours later. At first I thought my client was acting up, but it looks the same on my browser. Maybe it’s a Starrevolution thing? Local looks fine.

@Leannefaith what's the sidekiq status look like? when weird stuff happened, that was usually a good indicator

@Leannefaith there was a constant 500 error for the server that stores media so many post which had media weren't being recieved by this instance, and now I think it is struggling to keep up as I had a similar thing happen with my instance when I had one, it might be like that for a bit, but it should clear up after a while (hopefully)

@Codeawayhaley thank you... I was wondering. Looks like we’ll just have to wait it out. :) much appreciated.

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