I have a friend who records himself whenever he orders from a drivethrough. I asked why and he said in case they get something wrong. Unbelievable! Imagine being spoiled and selfish enough to do that, turn around and bother an exhausted service worker about your item not being exactly what you wanted, even going out of your way for evidence *in case* of it. I can understand if there are allergies involved, or some other extenuating circumstance, but otherwise... what a mindset.

@Leannefaith yeah that's fucking annoying. When McDonald's messes up my order, I complain out loud in my car to no one for like a sec, and then chalk it up to the experience and move on. :/

@squeedoodle see, *that’s* the proper, mature and rational course of action. 😀

@squeedoodle @Leannefaith lol. When you bother workers like that ive heard of getting suprise dna in your food.

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