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religion kind of 

What an excellently healed hangnail. Why don't I just bite that right off. 🙄

‪So my shower has been ice cold for about a month. Just the other day it was hot for the first time. This thing has been fraught with problems since forever; first the drain wouldn’t work and I actually had to clear it out manually, then this. ‪And then for the past couple of days it’s finally been a normal showering experience, and I had this moment of, oh, this is the way it’s supposed to be. This is what everyone else has. I forgot.‬

tracking your friends on GPS
not creepy at all

Wow Spock is kind of obnoxiously pedantic a lot of the time.

@dansup Note for folks with screen readers: Mastodon is spelled Mastadon, Pleroma is spelled Plemora, and Pixelfed is spelled PixelFred. Pixel Fred. I can't get over it.

Watching a TV series a decade later means yay spoilers (I'm very pro spoiler) but also lots of sad foreshadowing.

Before opening the jar, always remember to shake your pickles so that they are thoroughly coated in the juices.

I'd choose to spend my time with people who aren't super woke but have their hearts in the right place over those walking social justice encyclopedias who only use their education to feel superior to others any day.

Please tell me I’m not getting sick again. Didn’t I just get over this? Why am I stuffed up now?

I'm not the kind of person who gets angry a lot, shouting profanities quite simply makes me feel good

‪Man I was wiped out yesterday. Got in from traveling in the morning, went to lay down, and stayed that way for most of the day. Guess I needed it. I finally feel normal today!‬

My friends are doing sophisticated things like hosting supper clubs attended by internationally renowned artists and I'm just lying in bed scoffing a giant toblerone reading the esoteric shit you all post and wondering if I can get away with not showering tomorrow.

This bus is hot as hell. We’re all burning up.
Me: We know we’re on a budget bus. It won’t be the Ritz. It sucks but we gotta get over it.
Every single other person, very loudly: We deserve to be comfortable. What’s the driver’s name, let’s report him. FIX IT NOW!!!!

3 hours and 30 minutes into 2020, and my vision still hasn't approved, where is the 2020 vision I was promised.

novels really shouldnt be called novels anymore, theyve been around for ages

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