Going to plug this again... apologies if it’s overkill. I’d like to begin switching but don’t want to lose any of you lovely folks. Could I get all of you to go ahead and click that little follow thingy? Even if we’ve barely talked or never talked, one and all, please just hit that lil button. It would mean a lot. Much appreciated. It’s @FromtheAbyss

Hey people, guess who has an alt? Love it if you’d check out @FromtheAbyss. not much there yet but who knows? I may switch over fully in time, or not.

Hey people, guess who has an alt? Love it if you’d check out @FromtheAbyss. not much there yet but who knows? I may switch over fully in time, or not.

Reading about isolation tips to keep your spirits up like "Set a routine! Get dressed every day! Keep to your bedtime!" and nodding in agreement whilst sat in my bed surrounded by my clutter and rubbish pile like a particularly disgusting dragon.

Someday I'll trip on something that is on my floor that does not belong there, and break a bone. It's just a matter of time.

I am going to be the only person left in the fediverse who doesn't play Animal Crossing, aren't I?

weird stuff only americans experience 

I suggest looking at posts from 2-3 weeks ago and see how badly we didnt take this shit seriously. It's a trip.

Sometimes a song* from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend pops into my head for no reason and then somehow it's four hours later and I've been on YouTube the whole time and finally stopped watching only to have a different song** from the show stuck in my head.

*"Fit Hot Guys Have Problems Too" youtu.be/Dep0Fq6XnWQ
(oh, right, there's the part of :bi: where guys turn me on)

**"Let's Generalize About Men" youtu.be/Oa_QtMf6alU
(cw: lots of alcohol & flippant joke about rape at the end)

sci-fi authors: robots could wipe out humanity

roomba: *gets stuck trying to eat its own charger cord*

Had another “I’m back in school and I haven’t done any work, so I’m totally going to fail” dream.

I’m usually in college in these dreams, but I was in high school in this one. My dumbass dream-brain tried to reassure itself like “don’t worry, you’ve been out of college for years, so that will turn out fine. However, you’re in high school right now, and you’re totally failing! THAT part is real.”

Weird how these dreams only started a few years ago (well after I’d already graduated)

Lewd social distancing joke 

Anytime anything anywhere suggests creating a personal schedule my eyes glaze over and and all I can hear is ringing.

My neighbor is playing selections from The Sound of Music. It’s so faint, but first I heard a small amount of My Favorite Things. Now it’s Do Re Mi. It’s taking every ounce of restraint not to go and investigate and try to make a new friend LOL.

I was just thinking, I’m running out of places here. And then I came across this, which is not only super catchy and fun, but also a wellspring of ideas; some of these I’ve never heard of. Be warned:
A: lewd implied, lots of innuendo here.
B: The first verse is about Harry Potter. I avoided Hogwarts because JK is problematic.

I’ve never played Animal Crossing but I’m glad you guys are having fun

Days are starting to smoosh into one. Did I have a bath yesterday or the day before? No idea.

I don’t like going to things but I also don’t like missing out on things that other people are doing, so basically global social distancing is 👍👍👍

My earbuds are possessed. When I have music on they’ll randomly stop or skip tracks for no reason. Weird.

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