I am very stupid sometimes and that should be taken into consideration every time I do anything at all

Standard Fediverse Time is a unique timezone at which the date is expressed as a percentage of a date, like how much of the globe is already at date, superpositions of date.

nostalgia for times before you were born 

sex toys, human nature 

Oh no way! I asked him if he had any social media and he told me he was very much against the big two, was boycotting Google and using DuckDuckGo, and prioritized encryption and privacy. Oh... oh really.... REALLY?!!!!!! Do I know the place for you!!!!! Stay tune friends, we just may have someone new in our ranks.

‪It’s kind of amazing how you can grow and change and yet in your own mind everyone you knew from back in the day is frozen in time just the way you remember them. Still, my God, what a transformation. I am seriously blown away.‬

Turns out he’s majoring in molecular biology with a minor in chemistry. Who knew he had an aptitude for the sciences? I cannot stress enough how far this is from the person I knew. My world is shaken! ‪And get this, he also wants to learn to play Shostakovich and other top composers. I mean, what?!!!! Since when do you know who that is, and since when are you so ambitious? Who are you? I don’t believe this. This is so awesome! Good for him!‬

So not long ago I mentioned my little cousin and how I’d lost track of him. Well I got his number the other day. We’ve been messaging all morning and, wow, he’s an entirely different person! When we were teenagers he was troubled. I remember him being taciturn and withdrawn‪. Well this morning he’s been asking me about different college courses.

there's four and twenty million doors on life's endless corridor

you, a complete and utter fool:
wow that's deep

me, enlightened:
khehehe it's the weed number

#introduction time! Again!

Hi, I'm Molly, she / they pronouns.

I post about movies and drawings and cool trees I find outside. Whenever it's raining you can expect me to make at least one post about that too.

Nice to meet you all!

‪The time has come to start looking at holiday travel plans to go home. The good news is everybody has some sort of deal going on so I’m optimistic about getting a trip without breaking the bank. We’ll see.‬

one of the things i genuinely enjoy about friends in different states and countries is getting to fill in gaps in each others' education system failures because it turns out, every single one of us had information deliberately withheld, erased, ignored, or straight up fabricated by our schools

truman show 

naked person from behind, mention of genitals and sex acts 

We out here talking about fashion. But I don’t even know how to dress myself without looking like a former e-girl

Wonder what pop music will sound like in 10-20 years, I wanna fast forward and have a sneaky peek

real controversial take hours: Nickelback edition 

I'm sure I've said this before, but I'll say it again anyway.

Facts do not care about feelings.

People care about feelings, and if you think being an arsehole makes you sound smart, then congratulations, you're an arsehole.

I hate autumn and winter. All you weirdos who love this shit have problems. It's dark at 4 god damned 30.

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