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Laurelai Bailey

To allow for some transparency, me and Gargron reached an agreement that we’re testing out for this first month. Basically I won’t be working hours, we have agreed to a monthly pay.

This is so I can focus on giving you all and the project the best care possible, without worrying about if I can properly track the minutes I work. I want to be there for you all when I am around. Not shut myself down and say “No sorry not working now, ttyl”. It does not foster a very good relationship.

And yes, you are probably right, but I loved my time with you all, even when it was tough, I hated that I had to leave because of my mental health, and I thought that I was never going to be able to come back, but I am here now, today, I’m back. For you.

I figured the question a while back may have revealed it to you. Some seemed to have maybe caught on. Some (very few) seemed to have thought that was me saying I was now the Project Manager. But today I can say it. It may be weird to attach so much feelings of pride to those two words? Project Manager.

It’s not April 1, but I knew it then. I wanted to tell you all, because I mean wouldn’t it be a fantastically bittersweet cruel joke, that turned out to not be a joke?

At the same time I felt it was too mean, since then I’ve been sitting here eager, happy, and excited to tell all of you that I am back.

And hopefully back to stay.

solidarity with SWs

sex worker issues are worker issues

I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of questions. Some of you wont even know what I’m back from/for?

I’m back as Project Manager for #Mastodon.

I’m back from being sick, too sick to function. I ended up getting a month and a half of sick-leave, but it took me a while to actually get there. And that, together with some other stuff, has brought me back, on top of the world (that's how I feel)

You cant spell fascist without cis

When power becomes more scarce do you think the capitalists will just go "oh well guess we have to capitalism less" or will they shut off heat and light to regular people? Heres a hint during the california water shortages they made regular people use less water so they could keep almond trees alive.

Gmail enters the "extend" phase of Embrace, Extend, Extinguish by creating new proprietary features for email then forcing non-gmail users the view the mail through a link with Google Login (and sometimes SMS confirmation!)

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Turkish army and allied gangs abduct and torture people in #Afrin

The Turkish state and their allied gangs continue to abduct, torture and execute people in Afrin.


One thing I don't understand is people complaining about graffiti on trains and walls but they couldn't be bothered a bit by ads being everywhere in our daily life actively and literally trying to manipulate everybody's thoughts and actions. But it's legit because that access to your brain is bought with money.

"Hackers obtain a casino's "high-roller" database by hacking into a connected thermometer in a fish tank in the establishment's lobby" 🐟 🐠 🎣

#NHI #NoHumanInvolved