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Laurelai Bailey

Remember its ok to have sex with your doppelganger but you have to kill them before they try to take over your life

I really want to know why the techbros who think that it’s worthless to try something because a 100% failsafe and bug-free implementation isn’t possible ever do anything

Not to pick on Gargron, but look at how buggy mastodon has been over its lifetime and the failed features he’s tried and look at how he refuses to consider safety features because there’s no way to make it 100% effective in all cases

It’s almost like the impossibility of perfect implementation is an excuse for something else.

@Laurelai isn’t it weird how every time Eugen and others are like “this is fundamentally impossible,” multiple devs chime in with ways to do it?

@SelfsameSynonym : Can we have like some real instance blocking mabey

Gargon: Impossible.

A bunch of other fedverse devs: Actually heres like 4 different ways we can do it, any time, whenever.

Asking the question of "Why can I block accounts but not instances?" is pretty straight forward and a legitimate one.

Responses like "You're on a social network, everything you post as public is public - what did you expect?" is condescending and deliberately missing the point.


@Laurelai It does seem convenient that Manning would lose a potential source of support just in time for this. 🤔

Why is it websites for open source software look like they were designed by people who never took an art class in their lives.

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honestly bizarre that i started seeing "chelsea is a cop" only like a week and a bit ago and now shes in jail for protecting activists im seeing "she deserves it because shes a white supremacist". cia aint as slick as they think they are.

cancel culture just made psyops 1000x more effective

Ok well that should solve the image issue. My stupid ass forgot to pay the bill. lol

does pleroma have gui mod tools yet

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Techbros: There’s no way to implement that safety feature because there’s no way to make it work 100% of the time.
Same techbros: <makes buggy software that breaks regularly> “look how awesome I am!”

Don’t pretend we don’t see you