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Laurelai Bailey

@maverynthia I stand by with a can opener and a flame thrower if you need it :)

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@maverynthia if you decide to go for it don’t be afraid to ask me for help

I'm seeing all this stuff about "Have your own web space/server" and I'm not seeing much on nameserver, domains, static IPs or even how to make that all work. Just this idea that "Make your own web server"

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us politics, white supremacy Show more

@Boudicca and even in the end loner dude learned cooperation

You will never be able to sell the idea that the status quo is fine to people being crushed by it.

@UnclearFuture Venusian aikido from the third doctor for example

@UnclearFuture it actually reminds me a lot of the classic series

So episode two of the new doctor who season was really good and has the doctor promoting the ideals of teamwork versus competition and toxic masculinity

@kaniini of course they are that’s why places like nytimes and wapo let nazis have op eds now and then

Me playing stellaris as robot people

*sits in my own little corner of the galaxy developing a lot of tech*

*rest of the galaxy eventually comes to my doorstep, they still arent as advanced as me*

*one by one they of their own volition offer to become my vassals*

Every galactic leader when seeing my robot science lab planets minding my own business: I for one welcome our robot overlords.

@Ferrovore My orcs sound like they are from Alabama

Everyone deserves food, water, healthcare, shelter, all the things they need to survive and have a basic enjoyment of life. They deserve those things regardless of whether others perceive their contributions to society as worthy of sustaining the resources they consume. They deserve those things regardless of any moral judgments others put on them. Even people you hate, even people who have done very bad things. No exceptions.

@paco @kaniini Social networks are power. Power attracts those who wish to abuse power.