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Laurelai Bailey

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Mowed the lawn, i now have Too Much Compost.

@AmyJade just wait till i rename the pokemon guarding it to planned parenthood

@AmyJade One of them was at some fake abortion clinic and now their gym is owned by a socialist queer trans woman

So i went for a walk and played pokemon go while i was at it and took over 2 gyms

@MeimuHakurei true, but i cant set my yard on fire the neighbors might have an issue with it

At least i can compost the clippings

I need to mow the lawn today. I hate lawns. Ill be so happy when its all garden.

@CobaltVelvet You can write auto scripts that work for multiple distros. Im just sick of people always assuming debian :p

Writing your scripts for one distro is as silly as writing your webpages for one browser.

@alphakamp Or i can just keep doing what im doing