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Laurelai Bailey

true gay facts Show more


wal-mart is the flesh eating bacteria of small towns

@Laurelai *hacker voice* I’m in

There's been a sad lack of pictures popping up for me to enjoy. Here you go, Mastodon.

you wouldnt download a sandwich

@maverynthia Yes, that link comes from this instance lol

Suppose I should put this on this site as well. We’re between jobs and struggling. If you could possibly send us money for food and gas we would appreciate it. PayPal is and the cash app is $CharaHaze. Venmo is @chara-Haze.

Who here like super spicy food?

@badmothertrekker Imagine the confidence of a mediocre white man, then write that

@AliceAngel94 i care about you, but of course i dont hate you :)