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Laurelai Bailey @Laurelai

twitter bans me for describing how terfs are fascists, saying its hate speech.

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@Laurelai And yet, I outright called Jack a Nazi collaborator and didn't get banned ... go figure.

@Laurelai Yup. Anybody in the sex industry who dares speak out; Twitter are shutting them down. It's disgusting! They've done it to me too!

@Laurelai I also have been banned for hate speech against transphobes

fuck twitter

@c0mrade @Laurelai I've been banned for the same from Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

@Laurelai that is annoying but i think it must be their computer searching for specific terms there obviously wasn't a real person reading your tweet

@BoudoirbyJW well thats how i get patrons so its fucking me over either way

@Laurelai for sure its not fair... They should fix it. It keeps you from finding patrons an blocks people advocating... it's like they are trying to fix a problem by just pretending it isnt there at all.. just wrong

@Laurelai The only interpretation I can think of that is consistent with the wording of their policy is that they think you insulted cultists by comparing them to TERFs, because TERFs aren't a protected category according to that wording.

@seanl they have banned people for insulting terfs before, so apparently it is

@Laurelai @seanl Wow.... This is new to me. #Twitter is getting worse & worse everyday 😥

@phoenixx @Laurelai @seanl twitter is becoming a haven for hatemongers, white nationalists, and various supremacy bigots.

@c0mrade @phoenixx @Laurelai @seanl
Theres a girl who I went to undergrad with. Her only reason for being in college was to find a husband. Not kidding. She had no dreams, no ambition, no essence.

@phoenixx @Laurelai @seanl they laugh because they are weak. They are insecure, pitiful little men and the women who follow them have been coerced, threatened and brainwashed. But even weaklings are strong in large numbers.

@Laurelai WTF? how is this hate speech? it's not like you said "kill all TERFs" or something ... also, how are TERFs part of any of the mentioned groups that require protection? (unless you count that attitude as disability)

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@Laurelai I think you used too many buzzwords. Like "attack" and ""deadly". The filter is pretty stupid.

@tessaracht @Laurelai Such BS. Can you contest their judgement on that? I have been reporting transphobia on Twitter quite a bit over the last few months, and they actually have suspended or banned the accounts I reported (as they should have, though I was still surprised). They also recently suspended a well known nazi for transphobic comments.

Irrelevant to your post but ‘notmynigel’ amuses me, as my step-daughters called me ‘My Nigel’ for years when they were younger (as that’s my name).

Otherwise; that’s pretty shit of them imo.