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Laurelai Bailey @Laurelai

twitter bans me for describing how terfs are fascists, saying its hate speech.

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@Laurelai I also have been banned for hate speech against transphobes

fuck twitter

@BoudoirbyJW well thats how i get patrons so its fucking me over either way

@Laurelai The only interpretation I can think of that is consistent with the wording of their policy is that they think you insulted cultists by comparing them to TERFs, because TERFs aren't a protected category according to that wording.

@seanl they have banned people for insulting terfs before, so apparently it is

@tessaracht @Laurelai Such BS. Can you contest their judgement on that? I have been reporting transphobia on Twitter quite a bit over the last few months, and they actually have suspended or banned the accounts I reported (as they should have, though I was still surprised). They also recently suspended a well known nazi for transphobic comments.

Irrelevant to your post but ‘notmynigel’ amuses me, as my step-daughters called me ‘My Nigel’ for years when they were younger (as that’s my name).

Otherwise; that’s pretty shit of them imo.