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Laurelai Bailey @Laurelai

hot take but i wager that a significant part of why FOSS isnt more widely used by the average person when it comes to things like social media has a lot to do with programmer culture.

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@Laurelai programming itself (and all other aspects of development) is inherently and immensely social. anyone saying it isnt is like saying music is an individual pursuit

@soundsofearth A lot of developers act self absorbed, go on power trips, theres a lot of sexism and racism, its really a toxic community overall

@soundsofearth And if they want to gain an edge over proprietary people they need to polish their public image

@Laurelai reminds me of the amaaazing graphic design on lots of GNU applications.

The only FOSS mascots/logos I remember that dont suck off the top of my head are KDE and Krita's mascots (uwu)

@Laurelai and insultingly atrocious user experience and interface design