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Laurelai Bailey @Laurelai

hot take but i wager that a significant part of why FOSS isnt more widely used by the average person when it comes to things like social media has a lot to do with programmer culture.

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Absolutely. It's chock-full of ego and toxic masculinity

There are too many in the community that view difficulty as a feature, being ableist/sexist gatekeepers.

@kit_darko I remember once, some software that i cant remember the name of added a feature and designed it in a way that was hard to use and in the documentation they noted it was "just to make this awkward"


I wish that surprised me

I've been told things that basically amounted to "if you don't already know how to do X, we don't want you using our software"

@Laurelai programming itself (and all other aspects of development) is inherently and immensely social. anyone saying it isnt is like saying music is an individual pursuit

@soundsofearth A lot of developers act self absorbed, go on power trips, theres a lot of sexism and racism, its really a toxic community overall

@soundsofearth And if they want to gain an edge over proprietary people they need to polish their public image

@Laurelai reminds me of the amaaazing graphic design on lots of GNU applications.

The only FOSS mascots/logos I remember that dont suck off the top of my head are KDE and Krita's mascots (uwu)

@Laurelai and insultingly atrocious user experience and interface design

@Laurelai do tell more. It might help me introspect and see how much of those reasons are in my behavior too. On the other hand, I also like to listen and learn about how some random average person not from the field of computers talk about how they discovered foss software and why they feel so supportive of those projects. Maybe their reasons maybe more of supporting freeware kind, but should we rush to correct them about free software principles every time?

@dpreacher I would address the sexism, racism, transphobia etc within FOSS communities, and be more welcoming/supportive of new people with questions

@Laurelai I'll be honest and admit that I haven't engaged with communities at all for years now especially since I've got my own interest in Foss that caught momentum enough for me to find and apply as much and whenever I need. Lost touch with any kind of networking and evangelising. So I'm not even the right person to tell anything but I can say that those poisonous elements need to be rooted out by everyone and let it not be a fight for Foss communities alone.