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The closest approximation currently is/was killing Daesh et consortes. One my friend died in Afrin. Some others are back with radically less fanciful approach to killing and stuff.

Just saying.

@Petros Theres nazis here in the USA right now, just saying


I live in a squatted neighbourhood in Athens. We have official fascist party here in Greece, (although, differently from the US they do not rule the country -- yet). Roughly fortnightly we have neighbourhood watch to protect the area from fascist raids. Etc. etc. I know what you mean.

Killing people is serious thing. If one has to do it, one does it. But I am against making a meme out of it.
I promise not to push the discussion, but please note my perspective.

@Petros Im a disabled gay trans woman, who do you think they will come for first, me or you? I dont want to die.


I respect your feelings and I understand your fear. I am not going to get into comparisons which bring nothing constructive.

If I may suggest something, this is what works for me:
-- finding or creating a community that is keen and able to take care of its participants.
-- building community's ability to defend themselves by all means available (escalation & potentialisation make the magic sauce).
-- extending security network across various communities, bound by solidarity.

IMO these are prerequisites for survival. Nazis, fascists, whatnot -- this is the frame of reference to defend ourselves.

Now, let me ask you a serious question: being "a disabled gay trans woman" -- do you really plan to go out and start personally killing nazis? As a way to protect yourself?

@Petros Id rather not, but i will if it comes to that.


OK, I contributed whatever constructive I could. I hope that it may be useful for someone reading this conversation.
I am not challenging your last statement -- it is rather obvious and I concur.
What is important to me is to do as much as possible to prevent such situation. And I wish you consider it as well.