Why is this charging premiums at all instead of just being zero out of pocket costs paid for by taxes. twitter.com/TopherSpiro/status

Ok lets look at the meat here.

For families with income up to 150 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL), premiums would be zero. Well thats something at least.

Looking more. Whats this bullshit about "competitive bidding" on plans? Sounds like bullshit tbh

Ill dig more into this when i get back and look at it with my policy goggles

Ok this wants to make CHIP federal so states cant ignore it anymore, thats something.

its got an 8 year transition plan that i dont really like

"All individuals in the United States would be automatically eligible for Medicare Extra. " ok thats a good thing

"Newborns and individuals turning age 65 would be automatically enrolled in Medicare Extra. This auto-enrollment ensures that Medicare Extra would continue to increase in enrollment over time." ok also good

Ok enrollment costs are taken out on your tax returns. So it is tax paid. Alright.

"the Center for Medicare Extra would set deductibles, copayments, and out-of-pocket limits that would vary by income. For individuals with income below 150 percent of FPL and lower-income families with incomes above that threshold, the deductible would be set at zero.

Preventive care, recommended treatment for chronic disease, and generic drugs would be free."

"With the exception of employer-sponsored insurance, private insurance companies would be prohibited from duplicating Medicare Extra benefits" hahahahahahahah thats fucking savage

"but they could offer complementary benefits during an open enrollment period. Complementary insurance would be subject to a limitation on profits and banned from denying applicants, varying premiums based on age or health status, excluding pre-existing conditions,

Holy fuck this is goddamn brutal to the insurance industry


They will actually have bargaining power over prescription drugs thats good

This policy wise would actually help a lot of people. Everyone would have medical care and it would put heavy restraint on the insurance industry as it is now. The policy states private insurers wont be able to duplicate the benefits only compliment them

Thats gonna put a lot of insurance companies right out of business and it will be funny

They wont be able to even try to compete with this proposal if its passed. Fuck you. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars.

Honestly its not bernies proposal that would put them all out of business, thats true. But it would heavily curtail private insurance and drive drug costs down to reasonable levels. If this passes over bernies thing its not worth burning the country down over.

Poor people wouldn't have to pay shit out of pocket for medical costs or medications This would save a lot of lives. It would also auto enroll newborns and the elderly into the program creating a huge block to gain said negotiating power.

Honestly you should pressure them over fiddling bits to make it closer to bernies plan other than that when it comes to crunch time you should pressure congress to adopt it

They are actually starting to move leftward on policy issues, now would be the time to put more pressure on them to prevent them from buckling under any right wing pressures

@Laurelai The CfAP seems to be pretty solidly actual-progressive, from what I can tell. sourcewatch.org/index.php/Cent

So, maybe this should be one of several litmus tests in the upcoming election: "Do you support at least this plan, if not some form of universal free healthcare?"

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