What are the cool popular open source licenses out there? What should I use if I don't want the project to be used by corporations or other evil entities?

Clarification: this will be a community project, I want it to only be used by community, and to not be reused by any corporations (let alone e.g. corporations dealing with law enforcement), not to be used by any commercial entity at all.

I know about GPL and MIT, they don't do that.

But also I remember that recently a number of some new fancy licenses appeared designed to do something like that? But I don't remember their exact names, and have no idea which of them are now in actual use.

@IngaLovinde well, @Laurelai made the " BSD license" and I'm pretty certain one could just make a "-only BSD license"...

It's just a matter if hardlinked dependencies do allow this.

Since the & are legally enforceable in ( see gpl-violations.org ) you may have to spend some €€€€ for some spechalized lawyer in IT & IP laws to check if that's possible.

I personally use out of spite in several projects since it makes it near-impossible to make commercial products (which is why is stuck on v2: contributing corporations can't legally license out all patents depending on their code and tech, as they too might just be licensees!)...

But if you find some good licensing option that explicitly can require commercial users and forks to contribute to a project, let me know.

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