Fur and leather are sustainable, biodegradable and long lasting. Vegan alternatives are all petroleum based plastics that are harmful to wildlife. Ironic.

@Laurelai it bothers me *so much* when people push PU as a vegan alternative instead of say, waxed canvas

@Laurelai Ah that's true, but there are plant based waxes at least


As a vegan, I agree, and perhaps people should stop buying the alternatives to leather and fur.

I went to a talk recently where a vegan writer pointed out that people often see animals as things rather than living beings and vegan alternatives to things that are eaten like burgers and hot dogs aren't helping in that regard as people still see animals as things but things not to eat in those situations.

So perhaps vegans shouldn't be trying to copy non vegan fashion especially if it's causing harm to the environment.

@UnclearFuture Oh i see food animals as living beings. Most people who are rural do. Most of the people who raise and deal with those animals viscerally know they are living beings. Im not sure where vegans get the idea that we dont know animals are alive from.


Chicken bones in the streets of cities apparently, apparently chickens from a long time ago had stronger bones as they were able to develop more.

But chickens now often never get that chance, apparently, at least in terms of current industrial farming.


But, uh, what did you think of my other point? Vegans should perhaps just not buy those alternatives?

@UnclearFuture Yeah they should just buy leather and fur, otherwise the animal thats going to be killed anyways goes to waste when parts arent used


My point was not buying either animal nor their alternatives as I don't think most of us would do so at least not first hand leather, some like second hand.

Personally I don't like either, but thank you for letting me know about it, I'll have a look out now and avoid them.

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