I think we should have a transhumanist olympics where we let people juice up on whatever they want to and see what the human body can really do

@Laurelai the whole "pure sport" bullshit is just proto-fascistic crap anyway. like all Western civilization's ideals, it's a lie anyway. everyone knows that the way to win is to cheat

why not simply _admit_ it?

@Laurelai people still fight for unfair edges, just by indirect and shady means

@Laurelai @chara being so low in dopamine in my mesocortical pathway today, I would enter into that event just to boost me them dopamines. (though tbh wouldn't recommend cocaine for sports performance, amphetamines are much better as they often lack the sodium channel antagonism of cocaine, cocaine is a local anaesthetic, last thing you want is that blocking cardiac sodium channels)

@Codeawayhaley @Laurelai ah, but the real point is, a whole slate of runners hopped up on coke would THINK they were The Flash even though they weren't

so we'd see some comical attempts

@Codeawayhaley @Laurelai I would love to see some _team_ event where everyone was high on LSD

@Codeawayhaley @Laurelai I bet the shrooms team would end up operating like some supernaturally oiled machine while the LSD team would be all chaotic and useless, but I admit that's my own biases speaking

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