The people harassing Contrapoints are the same ones who harass Kat Blaque and are the same ones who spend all of their time being leftist twitter cops and the same people who harass me.

So guess whose side im not gonna fuckin be on.

@Laurelai this is a bad take, Laurelai... Folks are rightly mad at Contra for the multiple instances of enby erasure and working with a transmedicalist. To minimize their concerns by calling them "leftist Twitter cops" isn't a great thing to do.

@brainblasted No its not a bad take and let me tell you why. First of all i am nonbinary too. Secondly the "bad takes" were mostly shit taken way out of context and Ive had that kind of game of malicious telephone played against me, I personally checked the sources people were claiming things about and frankly you could only come to those conclusions if you squinted, tilted your head and were on LSD

@brainblasted Im going to rant here but please understand I am not mad at you. I am mad at the creators of this drama. Ive been watching all this go down and the malignant narccicists thought leaders have been having a field day warping everything she says and does to fit their agenda of destroying her. And again, ive had these same people do it to me. So i know what they are really about and its not nonbinary rights.

@brainblasted They get these younger people, who are already scared and afraid and they pump them full of paranoia, and then they lie to them and turn them into weapons. Ive seen it happen many times. Ive been a victim of it. Im tired of the dishonest light these people cast notable trans women and its almost always trans women in.

@Laurelai okay. From what I saw from what my friends shared, and how that made them feel I disagree on them misinterpreting it. But I am not a trans woman or an enby, so I'll stop here as I don't have the same experience as you and don't have the frame or reference you have.
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