Oh if you want to laugh at florences non apology to me that they didnt even bother showing to me here it is

Like this is the most mealy mouthed non apology ive ever gotten and thats an accomplishment let me tell you.

It reads almost like a right wing member of congress is being forced to apologize for something they arent sorry for.

So yaknow live knowing florence will lie about people and not apologize for it.

@Laurelai must have been another “breakdown in communication”, amiright?

@Laurelai tbf, I’m sure they’ll include not lying about people and not apologizing for lying about people in their CoC if they ever get around to making one.

@Laurelai oh shit, did they not tell you they had posted this?

@Laurelai that's almost as bad as the nonapology itself.

@hache Right? "Heres a halfassed apology we arent even going to bother to give to the person in question, but we will show everyone else so we look good doing it"

@hache And they wondered why i advised them against non democratic systems, because this is what happens. A few people with all of the power doing whatever they want with no accountability. This is just eugen with extra steps

@Laurelai the disappointing thing is that the core ideas behind fork together and florence were good ones, in my opinion.

@Laurelai @hache democracy was the reason I initially stepped away from keeping updated on it and no longer intended to actually work on it.

@Laurelai As a third party who missed everything, I... honestly can't tell what they are apologizing *for*. WTF kind of apology is that?

@jessmahler @Laurelai Apparently the worst of it has been deleted (or maybe I’m just blocked and cant see it anymore), but basically maloki and lightdark participated in a thread that was abusive of laurelai... and it started with them just assuring everyone that florence didnt sully itself with the likes of her and escalated with lightdark saying some stuff that was basically “i believe the stories about you”... and it ended with a half assed apology then and offer to investigate.

@jessmahler @Laurelai and this was how laurelai learned that she was “not involved with florence”

@theysim @jessmahler And the funny part was i left their discord long before it became florence and they acted like it was their idea

@Laurelai @jessmahler i didn’t participate in the discord and cant speak to your involvement or lack thereof. But i saw what happened in the thread and participated in it. They do owe you an apology imo... but this one? The least bad thing they did was make a choice to “remove you” and not have that conversation with you. They don’t wanna talk about the other stuff... of course...

Hard to sell a “safer fediverse” when your devs are part of the problem...

@Laurelai @jessmahler Sorry... I’m still riled about it. I don’t know those two personally. I don’t know them as people. But their project? I won’t support it because I don’t believe in it after what I saw.

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