Some people only accept trauma responses from victims that are passive responses that can be easly ignored. Some of us will actually return the bullshit you dump in our lap back to you where it belongs.

This is not "bullying" this is standing up for yourself.


Yeah i saw all of your little fucked up subtoots. Shut it. You dont get to point fingers when i get angry at abuse. I didnt see you say agit about the people who constantly try to traumatize me. Just at me when i try to stick up for myself. Super weird.

A lot of peoples anti abuse stances are preformative at best. Some of you are abusers yourselves.

People ask yourselves why those folks only accept the victims that shrink themselves down when put under stress.

(its because those people are easy to manipulate)

Its hard to bullshit someone who will take a chunk off of you for trying to abuse them isnt it.

So yeah when you lie about me im going to grind you into dust with a clear concience. Because lies spread, and it motivates people to do harm to me.

This actually happens in the real world. A lot of my trauma is from people just like you.

However bystanders are less likely to join in abusing me if they see me snap you like a twig. Funny how cowardly bullies are.

@Laurelai can't we all agree to just dunk on gab instead
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