Some drunk canadian said put this bullshit on my fries and nobody stopped him ok

@Laurelai I like hot sauce on my fries. Anything with a name like poutine I'd taste before I'd let it get near my fries.

@Laurelai Cheese on fries is ok, I know someone who likes gravy on their fries but mixing them seems to be an extreme decadence for the sake of decadence.

@Laurelai @AskChip
hi i'm english and we also put gravy on things. i have ordered a meat pie and chips from a chip shop. yes, there were mushy peas.

@Laurelai @trix I like gravy on lots of things. I like cheese on lots of things. I haven't tried gravy and cheese together on some things but it seems a bit too much of the good stuff IMO. I can't reconcile the two flavors in my head since to me, sharp cheddar and gravy just don't quite get along.

@Laurelai maybe you just haven't found the right combination of meaty thing and cheesy thing on top of fries for you <3

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