A common misconception is that anarchists want chaos, this is not so. Anarchists want a horizontal social system. Its order, just a fair one. Anomie is having no social structure. Nobody sane wants this.

@Laurelai It seems like this misconception comes from conflating the tactics of some who call themselves anarchists with the goals of anarchists in general.

@freakazoid @Laurelai I think there's a conception of anarchy that gets seeded into peoples mind at a pretty young age that makes them write it off. I'll just call it "Skate Punk Anarchy" based on my experience with it. When I was a teen, people would talk about wanting "Anarchy" in the sense of "no rules, do what I want!" like the embodiment of being a rebel. Obviously that's not what anarchists want, but I'd bet that's the perception most people got and never thought twice.

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