If you want to help make the internet a better place start by disabling the comments.



Spaces that actually say "we have standards, we will not let you do some things" have the potential to make people wonder if maybe posting some things is really a thing they should be doing with their life.

I mean they'll probably still just go do it on 17chan but at least they'll know it's not considered fine for polite company.

PixelFed joined PeerTube this week in implementing a "commentsEnabled" attribute. When set false, compliant applications should disable the reply button in the UI and the server should respond to replies with Reject rather than threading the reply

@Laurelai I wonder what dullard computer programmer first got the idea. "hey I know a really easy pointless feature I can add to this website, I'll let people leave comments. it'll be like a day of work and they'll give me a raise. I see no future problems with this idea whatever"

@chara @Laurelai Sadly business people think that letting random people comment on stuff is informative and a valuable way to gauge customer sentiment

Signed: Someone who has been trying for 2 years to get their boss to agree to turn off comments on help center articles.

@SelfsameSynonym @Laurelai it's gotten really dystopic. like, Kara had a clerk at a storage place some weeks back tell hir to remember to leave a favorable comment with her name on a Google Maps review because it was used to gauge whether someone should keep their job

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