You cant convince me database managment isnt a form of witchcraft

@Laurelai Yeah, definitely. Especially with all the candles-burning burning involved. ⛧

@alice @Laurelai
Well aligning words to do stuff isn't that the definition of a spell ?

Oh wait that's also programming…

And I like that a lot

Am I a witch ??

(cc @freyja_wildes )

@Electron You probably are, yeah. Anyway, I like to think of programming as doing magic. @Laurelai @freyja_wildes

@Laurelai I know an analyst who’s a sql necromancer - he wrote a query that was hanging, so he killed it. It kept running and so a DBA killed it and the session it was running in.

It kept running for a couple days before just stopping. Wasn’t tying up resources or anything, it was just running for days after being killed

@Laurelai spirit work, too, gotta keep track of all those ghosts in the machine

@Laurelai well some technopagan witches do incorporate databases and technology in general in their practice so yeah, it is in some cases :p

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