@SelfsameSynonym : Can we have like some real instance blocking mabey

Gargon: Impossible.

A bunch of other fedverse devs: Actually heres like 4 different ways we can do it, any time, whenever. github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/



Its also a reminder to us non devs that when they say impossible to common sense safety stuff, put the thumb screws to them until they tell the truth and then do it.

@Laurelai @SelfsameSynonym

As a real dev I say "bullshit" it is posible in so many ways, what they really mean is "impossible, I care too little to find the effort"

Well anyone that ever accused #pleroma of not respecting instance blocks should read that thread in #mastodon #github.
And yes it's a shitty state of affairs.
@Codeawayhaley @SelfsameSynonym

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