We live in a society. We specialize our jobs. We shouldnt have to know how to self host.

@Laurelai ignorance is the paved road to using Facebook and Twitter...

@Matemann One could say the same about any specialized skillset controlled by capitalism. Its capitalism thats the problem. Not specialization.

@Laurelai so, what you are saying is: ignorance is communist? 😉

As it turns out, a healthy decentralized system with capable, non-ignorant users is probably the closest you'll ever get to a truly communist system. Specialize, but don't stop learning.

@Matemann Im all for expanding ones knowledge when they can, but some people cant for various reasons

@Laurelai I am curious: how is basic network technology knowledge "controlled by capitalism"?

@Laurelai if I can't, for various reasons, learn how to participate in street traffic, I have to take the bus, even if that is inconvenient and comes with disadvantages you might describe as "inevitable effects of capitalism". If I don't want to be limited by his schedules, I better learn road safety rules.

@Laurelai im not privy to the background meta that is leading to toots like these, but yeah. I don't understand why it's becoming this elitist thing to host and build your own this or that like... rather than open source revolutionaries instead reaching out and trying to support each other.

Like isn't the whole point of us being passionate about this stuff is because it creates an ecosystem for everyone's needs rather than eating up the services of the dominator culture?

@Laurelai like it should be a chance to empower ourselves and others, not just another dick measuring contest with shiny toys.

@Laurelai it all kinda stinks of the... whole libertarian techbro mindset where they imagine in the future utopia, everyone is gonna have their own isolated cabin in the mountains hosting every service they need from a server in the basement and beaming in a mesh internet via antenna...

Like ignoring that any kind of infrastructure or public society would directly involve them or interfere with them any way. Every man an island to himself and shit like that.

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